24 Vietnamese killed in traffic accidents on Labor Day

By Pham Du   May 2, 2017 | 10:35 am GMT+7

Over 7,800 traffic violations were recorded during the four-day Reunification Day and Labour Day holidays.

Traffic accidents in Vietmam killed 24 people and injured 40 others on Monday as people celebrated International Labor Day, police said.

In total, police recorded 82 traffic accidents nationwide from April 29 to May 1, with 47 deaths and 77 injuries.

Over 7,800 traffic violations resulted in fines worth VND4.5 billion ($197,000). Traffic officers also impounded 38 cars and 1,430 motorbikes, and revoked 653 driving licenses.

Traffic accidents remain the biggest single cause of fatalities in Vietnam despite efforts to make the roads safer.

On average, one person dies every hour in a road accident in Vietnam. The country is trying to reduce road traffic fatalities to fewer than 20 per day, or 7,300 per year.

Traffic congestion, inadequate law enforcement, poor driving and bad street conditions are often cited as the main causes of road deaths.

Vietnam is celebrating the 42nd anniversary of its Reunification Day, as well as International Labor Day. Most of the country will go back to work on Wednesday.

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