20 Chinese arrested by Saigon police for telephone scam

By Quoc Thang   June 12, 2019 | 07:37 pm PT
20 Chinese arrested by Saigon police for telephone scam
Police seize mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices during the Wednesday raid on a house in District 9. Photo courtesy of HCMC Police.
The Ho Chi Minh City police on Wednesday arrested 20 Chinese people for allegedly carrying out phone scams.

Officers raided a house on Vo Van Hat Street in District 9 and seized 26 tablets, 46 mobile phones, six laptops, and three devices that were emitting sounds to make the place appear like a police station along with 200 documents related to the disguisement as police.  

The gang rented the house, installed sound-proofing equipment and randomly called numbers, pretending to be police officers and instructing victims to transfer money to local bank accounts.

Initial investigations found that they called the victims home in China and disguised as police officers, accusing them of being involved in drug smuggling or money laundering and demand money which they would promise to return if the victims were cleared of the charges.

The suspects admitted the crime at a local police station. The police are expanding the investigation.  

The city police have repeatedly warned about Chinese groups colluding with locals and scamming people by pretending to be police officers, but many people have still fallen prey.

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