18 foreigners held in Da Nang’s drug abuse crackdown

By Ngoc Truong   September 28, 2018 | 10:44 pm PT
18 foreigners held in Da Nang’s drug abuse crackdown
Customers at a bar in Da Nang which received a drug raid Thursday night. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Truong
A late-night raid on a bar in central Vietnam's Da Nang Thursday found dozens of drug users, including foreign tourists.

Police caught Nguyen Quang Anh Quan, 19, selling marijuana to customers in front of the Pub Crazy Cort bar on An Thuong 6 Street in Ngu Hanh Son District, a 15-minute drive from downtown Da Nang, at 10 p.m. Thursday.

Hundreds of police officers then raided the bar and found many party goers, both Vietnamese and foreigners, smoking cannabis.

On the second floor of the bar, police seized multiple tools used for smoking marijuana offered by 18-year-old Tong Duy Phong. He was also arrested pending further investigation.

Around 60 suspected drug users were taken to the police station for testing. And 21 of them, three Vietnamese and 18 foreigners, tested positive.

The foreign tourists were from Australia, Colombia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S., police said Friday.

Marijuana is illegal in Vietnam, and those convicted of smuggling or trading marijuana can face long jail terms or even death penalty. Users are subject to cash fines.

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