14 Vietnam War martyrs’ remains found in central Vietnam

By Hoang Tao   September 19, 2018 | 10:40 pm PT
14 Vietnam War martyrs’ remains found in central Vietnam
Soldiers collect the remains of Vietnam War MIAs in Quang Tri Province. Photo by VnExpress/Quang Ha
The remains of 14 Vietnam War soldiers were recovered in Quang Tri Province’s Gio Linh District on Wednesday.

They were retrieved by the province’s military command along the McNamara Line, a U.S.- drawn artificial barrier equipped with acoustic and heat-detecting sensors to prevent infiltration into southern Vietnam by the then-North Vietnamese Army.

The barrier ran from the South China Sea, known in Vietnam as the East Sea, to the Lao border along the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone.

Personal belongings like medicines, shoes and buttons were among the articles found at the location.

The remains were taken to the district’s cemetery for memorial and cremation services.

Quang Tri Province was one of the main battlegrounds during the Vietnam War.

It was the stage for Tet Offensive in 1968 and the Easter Offensive in 1972.

Approximately 10,000 Vietnamese soldiers lost their lives in the two battles.

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