12th Party Congress Resolution: prevent degradation of political ideology

By Lam Le   April 19, 2016 | 06:48 pm GMT+7
12th Party Congress Resolution: prevent degradation of political ideology
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the conference. Photo by VGP/Nhat Bac

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong led a national conference today to discuss the 12th National Party Congress Resolution and stressed its importance to preventing the degradation of ideology, politics, ethics and lifestyle.

The study of the resolution must contribute to strengthening the party both politically and ideologically, preventing “self evolution” within the party, correcting misguided perceptions and effectively countering wrong and hostile viewpoints. 

Trong called on attendees to study, implement and promote the 12th Party Congress Resolution, as well as closely follow the Politburo’s directives and Central Committee’s guidelines.

The conference was organized by the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee to help key officials understand new points in the resolution geared towards a common political understanding.

Three key presentations will be presented at the two-day conference: a political report on the 12th Party Congress; a review of socio-economic results from 2011-2015 and orientation and responsibilities for 2016-2020; and a review of the implementation of Central Resolution 4 (11th term) themed: “A Number of Urgent Issues in Current Party Development”.

Trong said party members need to study in depth six key responsibilities listed in the resolution in order to implement them effectively during the 2016-2021 term.

The six key responsibilities are:

1. Strengthen the party and prevent degradation in ideology, politics, ethics, lifestyle and signs of self-transformation within the party; focus on developing party members that are capable, ethical and respectful.

2. Develop a simple and effective political structure; strengthen anti-corruption and anti-waste measures.

3. Improve competitiveness and productivity; complete the socialist oriented market economy; reform education and training; develop human resources, especially skilled workers; develop infrastructure; restructure the economy towards industrialization; restructure state owned enterprises; restructure state budget; resolve bad debt; and ensure public debt security.

4. Protect Vietnam’s sovereignty; maintain peace and national security; strengthen and expand external relations as well as improve Vietnam’s position internationally.

5. Improve living standards and spiritual life; ensure social welfare and security; sustainable poverty reduction; and promote ethnic unity.  

6. Promote humanity in all walks of life; focus on building people’s ethics, personalities, lifestyles, knowledge and working capacity; develop a healthy cultural environment.

The conference will conclude on April 20.

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