Should I quit my $270,000-salary job to start my own business?

By Le Ha   November 17, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
My current job pays me an annual salary of US$270,000 along with pensions and many other benefits guaranteed after retirement.

I am 38, my husband is 48. My current job is not too demanding and I do not have to worry about sudden layoffs. My husband’s annual income is $140,000.

With those incomes we are enjoying a comfortable life. We have our own house, smart and healthy kids, and a sweet relationship.

However, I started thinking about pursuing my childhood dream as I do not have any financial struggles now. As I have always loved designing and crafting handmade things, I want to launch a start-up selling them.

My husband does not directly discourage me, but he asks me why I have to create stuff for myself to bother about.

He says working for a corporate environment like what we are doing is less exhausting and allows me to have more time for our family, compared to running my own business. He also says I am too old to establish a start-up on my own.

I know what he says is partly true, but I am still confused.

Should I start pursuing my dream at this age, or should I be satisfied with my current life?

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