I defended my cheating boss, my wife filed for divorce

By Thinh   December 2, 2022 | 02:59 am PT
My wife and I have been married for two years. We’re financially stable and are generally happy together.

However, recently we had an argument about my boss’s extramarital affairs. I defended his infidelity. Then she filed for divorce.

I'm 34 years old and work as an interior designer. I make twice as much as my wife. My wife is 32years old.

She is hesitant about having children even though my parents have been pushing her to. My boss's wife filed for divorce because of his infidelity. They were going through a rough patchover a year ago.

My boss had just been promoted and had to frequently go out for drinks with clients. His wife took care of their small child and had no income of her own while my boss had to carry thefinancial burden alone.

His wife did not sympathize and constantly demanded that he come homeearly even though she knew her husband was in a difficult position. I told the story to my wife hoping that she would share the same opinion, that if wives could notsympathize with husbands that are in the same position then they should not be surprised if theirhusbands cheat.

Seeing that my wife did not respond, I assumed that she thought the same thing. Two days later, outof the blue, my wife gave me an already signed divorce petition.

I was so upset that I raised my voicewhen asking her whether she had cheated with someone else. She looked so calm, almost as if shehad been preparing for this moment.

My wife said: "If you want to have multiple affairs, feel free to do so, just try not to hurt your wifeand children.

There’s no excuse for cheating if you’re married. If people are no longer compatiblethen they should break up. Why should a man hurt his wife and children and bring shame upon them? Why should he lose his dignity? I don’t want children because I’ve lost faith in you.

I’m afraid that my unborn child will suffer the same fate as your boss’ kids: having a corrupt and immoral father. Anyone can be single and do what they want without hurting their family. But if they settle down andcheating occurs, it’s no different than dying."

I refused to sign the divorce application and both sides of the family tried to persuade her otherwise. But she’s still adamant.I earn money for my family and do the chores. I don’t gamble or drink alcohol.

How is that not enough to be a decent husband and father? Is my wife overreacting?

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