My parents don’t approve of my pregnant girlfriend

By Minh Thuan   June 21, 2023 | 05:47 pm PT
My girlfriend is pregnant, but my parents are against our relationship, believing that marrying her would lead to hardship.

I am 30 years old and work in an office in my hometown. My girlfriend stays at home and doesn't have a stable job. Our houses are close to each other, and I wanted to marry someone in close proximity, so I got to know her and we have been together for over a year.

Her parents work in agriculture, but her father spends every day drinking and singing karaoke. My parents don't like that her father drinks and sings all the time, and they also object to her not having a stable job.

Recently, my parents said they would agree to our marriage, but I’ll have to take responsibility for my own decision and that if I marry her, I will be miserable.

I am currently in a dilemma and don't want to make my parents sad because of my relationship. They are getting old now, but my girlfriend is pregnant.

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