My mother-in-law holds me responsible for my husband's interest in men

By Thanh Chuong   March 6, 2024 | 03:48 pm PT
I am now fully convinced that my husband is unable to dismiss his attraction to men.

To outsiders, we seem like the ideal family. I hold a respectable job, and my husband is admired for his dutifulness and kindness towards our families. He contributes to household chores, lending a hand when my job demands my attention. Our two children, one in university and the other in high school, are both disciplined and excel academically.

A year ago, I found out that my husband was engaging in conversations with various men on social media, ranging in age, through messages that were unmistakably flirtatious. Confronting him led to his denial, and he brushed it off as mere playful banter.

I approached my mother-in-law as an attempt to seek guidance, only to be criticized and told that the problem lay with women, according to her. Despite the pain it caused, I kept quiet for my children's sake, aiming for a tranquil household.

I have now become absolutely sure that my husband's longing for connections with men is something he cannot forsake. A trusted male friend of mine recently confided in me that my husband had solicited him for a romantic entanglement during a trip, concerned I might be oblivious to his altered feelings.

Despite maintaining my composure, I am at a loss about how to address this with my husband.

My coworkers see me as an attractive, skilled, and lucky woman, yet my husband possibly sees me in a negative light. My oldest son is aware of his father's sexual orientation, leaving us nothing but to exchange tears in our understanding.

My desire to preserve our family remains, and I am keen on avoiding its disintegration despite earning significantly more than my husband. I yearn for our family's return to its previous state of joy and harmony.

Is there any place known for addressing my husband's situation?

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