My husband leaves me deal with loan sharks instead of paying my debts

By Hoa Hong   January 9, 2024 | 06:10 pm PT
My husband can spend billions of dong (VND1 billion equals US$41,000) building a house in his hometown but won't lend me VND100 million to clear my debts.

His action has led to loan sharks frequently coming looking for me.

Moreover, he started cheating on me shortly after our marriage. During our time together, he has shown his domineering and abusive nature, always believing he is right. Whenever we argue, he threatens to kick me out or physically harm me. He thinks that as a husband, he has the right to decide about my life and our children’s lives, and never asks for my opinion on any family matter, whether it affects me or not.

He expects me to spend all my salary on our family’s expenses. He even allows loan sharks to harass me at work without helping me pay off my debts, while he has a mistress and disrespects me and my family. He never acknowledges or admits his faults, even when he is clearly wrong.

He does not share in childcare or household chores either and contributes only a tenth of the family’s living expenses. He disregards the wishes and emotions of me and our children, but prioritizes his own feelings, making me exhausted.

What should I do now?

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