My husband believes sports betting is an investment

By Oanh   November 16, 2022 | 03:06 am PT
He's been borrowing money from his siblings lately and said it’s for investment, which I later learned wasn't true.

I am a 30-year-old saleswoman with a steady income and a good appearance. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and have a seven-year-old son. During my pregnancy, I spotted my husband betting on football matches online. I secretly checked his phone but got told I was violating his privacy.

He usually spends VND5-10 million ($201-405), which is no small amount. My household income is temporarily stable. I’m paying my mortgage and insurance for my family. At the start of my pregnancy, he still went out drinking with friends but stopped when my belly grew bigger. He often looks after me and our son.

He persuaded me to sell my own and my father's land to settle his bank debts rather than working to pay them off. Meanwhile, I'm always looking for opportunities to increase my income and work different jobs. Right now, I'm deciding between two options:

Option one: when I gave birth and have saved enough money, I will find a new place to stay and file for divorce. My earnings are enough to support both of my children. I also have my own property worth around VND1.2 billion ($48.400).

Option two: I will discuss this matter with my husband and his family since he believes sports betting is an investment, not a social evil.

I’m looking forward to your advice.

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