My boyfriend’s complicated family background scares me

By Ngoc Anh   July 26, 2023 | 06:43 pm PT
My boyfriend and I have been dating for one and a half years. He does not have any bad habits, and I think of him as a perfect man.

We are a match in terms of outlook, educational background, values, and beliefs. He has always been by my side and encouraged me whenever I encounter hardships in my life. I feel happy to finally find someone to count on, and we have often talked about marriage.

My boyfriend recently brought me to his hometown to introduce me to his family. I found out that I did not like his mother’s personality.

To me, she is an immature woman, probably because she mainly works with children for the past 15 years.

She is also talkative, stubborn and always wants others to obey her. My boyfriend said he did not get on well with her either, and they argued a lot.

My boyfriend’s parents are divorced, and his mother is staying with his stepfather, who is working as a factory worker and is the breadwinner of the family. I do not have any problems with this man.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend’s father is living on his own and his financial situation is not good.

When I insisted on asking my boyfriend about his father, he eventually shared that his father is working as a hotel executive. The thing is, his father gambles a lot and is in debt, which is why his parents got divorced.

I have not met my boyfriend’s father yet, but after meeting his family and hearing his story, I became scared of his complicated family background. I come from a wealthy family, and both of my parents have a good educational background and manners. So I contemplate this a lot.

I am worried that if we get married, we will get into trouble one day because of his family. On the other hand, I know my boyfriend could not choose his parents, so parting with him because of his family background seems unfair.

He also guaranteed me that he would never sacrifice our future family because of anyone, and if his parents ask for help, he will give them one hand, but he will not help them at any price.

What should I do?

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