I want to break up after hearing my boyfriend talk about his exes

By Tam Anh   April 15, 2023 | 04:05 pm PT
I was mentally prepared for marriage until I heard my boyfriend talking about his ex-girlfriends.

I’m a 31-year-old woman, and I have dated my boyfriend for five months. This is also the first time I have ever dated someone. Both of us are serious about our relationship, and we are planning to get married.

But then last week, he confessed to me that he had had two previous long-term relationships, one that lasted for two years and the other for four years. He said he wanted to be honest with me, and so originally did not share any information about his two ex-girlfriends.

However, I insisted on asking him to talk about the reason why he broke up with them and to show me their Facebook profiles. Both of them are pretty and already married.

After hearing his stories, I became jealous about his two exes. I have a feeling like his whole youth was spent on someone other than me. He said, "I used to be romantic but my previous relationships didn’t go anywhere. So now, when I date you, I want to be practical only."

But that is not what I need. Because this is my first relationship, I need my boyfriend to constantly give me sweet words and unexpected gifts, instead of treating me practically. I’m afraid that he compares me to his two ex-girlfriends when we have sex and realizes how I lack sexual experiences as well.

I have been obsessed with these thoughts for so long I feel like my feelings for him have started to fade.

What should I do with this relationship? Shall I confess these feelings to him and then split up with him?

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