I hesitate to pursue my girlfriend since her family is better off than me

By Hoang   February 28, 2023 | 03:19 pm PT
I am the only child in my unhappy. My father is a controlling man and cheats on my mother. I have a girlfriend and I am currently very concerned about our relationship.

When I was 10 years old, my mother had diabetes. Since then, my father has neglected her, cheated on her, and even publicly brought that woman to our house.

My parents divorced afterward and I stayed with my mother. My mother's mental health and diabetes got worse.

Since her mental health was not stable, her physical treatment also became difficult. I had to develop self-care skills after high school and worked extremely hard to get to university. I look older than I am because there are so many things I am worried about, besides having to take care of my mother.

After graduating from university, I worked very hard and just wanted a peaceful life. I was determined to find a nice girl, not necessarily too educated, who would be willing to stay at home to take care of my mother and our small family.

And then I met her. She is very beautiful and is chased by many men, so I didn't think we would be anything, partly because I don't care much about appearance.

After that, I learned of her kindness and charitable activities, which made me like her even more. When I first met her, I didn't have high hopes for her or believe that she would feel the same way about me. She has shown me a lot of kindness. During the holidays, she frequently sends me gifts without expecting anything in return.

Recently she took me home to introduce me to her family. Her family is so well-off, beyond my imagination. Her parents love her very much, allowing her to study her favorite extracurricular subjects as well as letting her travel here and there. She has two married older brothers and they care very much about her too.

The second time I visited her family, her sister-in-law half-jokingly said that as long as I care for my girlfriend, anything is possible. When people ask about my background, I only mentioned it briefly and did not go into details.

I know that in my current situation, I can't bring her happiness and she can't help care for my mom as I expect. Recently, she wanted to visit my place and met my mom, but I keep postponing (she doesn’t not know that my mom is sick).

I was so worried that I could not eat or sleep properly. I was thinking of breaking up, but I do love her very much.

What should I do?

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