I feel sexually dissatisfied by Vietnamese men after dating two foreign boyfriends

By Ha Anh   September 18, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
I have tried dating a few Vietnamese men, but I feel they were not as good as the foreign men I have been with.

I am 28 and open-minded about my sex life. Since I work in an international environment, I have dated a few foreign guys.

My two most long-lasting relationships were with a Black guy from France whom I dated for three years, and a guy from England whom I was with for two years.

We had sex every single day, sometimes even two to three times a day. But I broke up with both of them since they did not want to get married.

I promised myself that I would never date any foreign guy again because I wanted to get married while they seemed not to want it. So, I turned to Vietnamese men and tried dating two Vietnamese guys, but we ended up breaking up as our sex lives were not as compatible as with my foreign boyfriends.

My friends say I should lower my sex drive and date a good Vietnamese guy to get married. But I cannot ignore my unfulfilled sexual desires.

What should I do?

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