I am addicted to dating young attractive women despite having great wife

By Tuan Chung   January 11, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
I am in my twenties, and I got married just earlier this year.

My wife is a year younger than me. She is intelligent and sophisticated, always taking care of me and looking after our family. She leads a simple life and manages our finances well, even though her monthly income sometimes surpasses VND100 million (US$4,083).

She has also changed and guided me to become a better person. I always feel grateful and appreciative of her.

As for myself, I have always been a decent person who does not have any bad habits. However, we have been frequently engaged in arguments lately, and even though we often make up after a day or two, there are times when both of us are unhappy.

After one argument with my wife, I talked to a woman four years older than me, who is single, beautiful, and financially stable. We held hands, hugged, and talked about our feelings. She even wanted to kiss and go further with me, but I declined. We still talk to each other like friends now, though I rarely meet her in person.

However, I have developed a desire to befriend, chat with, and date young women as if they were my lovers since then. Doing so has been relatively easy for me, perhaps thanks to my good physique.

I know I am doing something wrong, and I want to stop, but it seems like I have gotten addicted to this forbidden thrill, even though I have not engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone but my wife.

What should I do?

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