A wife's feelings during football season

By Nhu   November 27, 2022 | 11:08 pm PT
When I was little, I couldn't understand why the big football tournaments were a joy to men but not women.

I disliked football tournaments as my father often drinks and smokes all night during that time. My mother usually has to clean up the mess that my father made before leaving for work the next morning. My family's meals become less happy as football tournaments come. Football was supposed to be a healthy sport.

I’m now married and my husband was not as bad as my father. However, when football season comes, I realized that it was not the real problem. The real problem is the dissatisfaction of the wife with her husband, not with football.

My husband didn’t want to take our children to the doctor when they were sick. He turned cold and heartless toward me. He hasn't done much to take care of himself and had sloppy personal hygiene.

But when the football season came, he didn't miss any games. This feeling of heartbreak and disappointment is not because of football, but because my husband didn’t care about his family during that time.

I'm just a normal wife. My life isn't exactly exciting, but it's also not difficult. I believe that many people feel the same way. I understand that the main problem is our relationship, not football and I will try to work it out. Just want to get this off my chest.

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