Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn Festival is a thing of great beauty

September 8, 2018 | 10:00 am GMT+7
A long-standing traditional festival that showcases Vietnam’s undeniable charm takes place when nature is at its breathtaking best.

For thousands of years, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been an occasion for family reunions and a children’s night out. It dates back to the Wet Rice Civilization of the Red River Delta over 4,000 years ago.

Back then, rice was harvested before the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. The festival falls on the full moon night of Lunar August, the most beautiful night of the year, when the moon is perfectly round and bright, and shines a magical golden hue.

Traditionally, all members of a family would gather around a lavish tray of fruits along with moon cakes, and savor them together while admiring the full moon.

Adults would tell kids the story of Hang Nga – the beautiful daughter of the Jade Empire and Cuoi. Children would enjoy art performances including singing, plays and lion dances and then light up the night with colorful lanterns held in their little hands.

While the Chinese perform the dragon dance during this festival, the Vietnamese go for the unique unicorn dance or lion dance, which symbolizes luck, wealth and prosperity.

Vietnams Mid-Autumn Festival is a thing of great beauty

While children find joy playing under the full moon, adults enjoy a long-awaited family reunion, with loved ones who work far from home who take the trouble to get back for the festival.

Despite it not being an official holiday in Vietnam, most people would spend time with their loved ones recalling events of bygone days. Above everything, the Mid-Autumn Festival has always been about one fundamental thing: love.

Sincere gratitude

In the old days, occupied with the harvesting season, parents did not have much time to take care of their children. Therefore, when the autumn approached, marking an abundant crop, they would make full use of the Mid-Autumn Festival to spend time with the kids. Children are the happiest ones at this time because parents prepare various types of lanterns, mooncakes as well as masks as presents.

Moon cakes, sweet and flavorful, have been an inseparable part of the festival, and become a symbol of close family ties. It is a long-standing tradition that people gift moon cakes during this festival, especially to parents and grandparents.

In modern times, gifting the moon cake to employees during the Mid-Autumn Festival carries great meaning. It embodies the bonds between the management cadre and their colleagues, a way for the former to express their gratitude to the latter. Most businesses, therefore, would select moon cakes made by a prestigious brand that represents high quality and attractive packaging.

Vietnams Mid-Autumn Festival is a thing of great beauty - 1

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Phat Dat

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