Chinese woman, 23, ignites controversy for marrying 80-year-old man

By Tung Anh   June 16, 2024 | 11:35 pm PT
A 23-year-old woman named Xiaofang sparked significant controversy after marrying a man surnamed Li, 80, whom she met while volunteering at a nursing home.
An age gap couple. Illustration photo by Pexels

An age gap couple. Illustration photo by Pexels

According to Odd Central, the couple met at a nursing home in Hebei province in northern China, where Li resided. They initially bonded over shared interests and perspectives, then gradually developed a romantic relationship. Xiaofang was particularly attracted to Li’s maturity, calmness, and wisdom, while Li appreciated her youthful vitality and kindness.

Despite their affection for each other, Xiaofang’s family vehemently opposed the relationship due to their significant age difference, likening it to a granddaughter marrying a grandfather. Choosing to follow her heart, Xiaofang severed ties with her family to marry Li.

Sohu reported that the couple recently proceeded to hold a modest wedding ceremony without the presence of their families, where they exchanged vows of commitment through sickness and health. This marriage has since triggered a heated debate across China, with many siding with Xiaofang’s family’s concerns, while others admire her bravery and commitment to Li.

There is speculation that Xiaofang’s motives might be financial. However, she is actually the primary earner in the household, since Li depends on a modest pension, making Xiaofang responsible for most of their living expenses due to his age and frailty.

Despite the adversities, Xiaofang maintains a positive outlook, confident in overcoming any challenges with Li’s support. She actively shares photos and videos of their life together on social media, reinforcing the authenticity of their relationship.

* The names of the couple have been changed.

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