Australian millionaire, Vietnamese woman find love later in life

By Hai Hien   June 11, 2024 | 11:46 pm PT
Three years ago, while browsing for real estate clients on a website, Vietnamese-Australian Anh Nguyet stumbled upon a dating group.

Seeing a chat window pop up, curious, the 41-year-old from Sydney clicked on it. She received a message from Andrew Macpherson, an Australian man working in the logistics industry.

When he asked her about her criteria for a dating partner, she said she had no interest in dating anyone. She said she was looking for clients for a high-end real estate project in Dubai.

The wedding of Anh Nguyet and Andrew Macpherson on a beach in Da Nang in April 2024. Photo provided by Nguyet

The wedding of Anh Nguyet and Andrew Macpherson on a beach in Da Nang in April 2024. Photo provided by Nguyet

Nguyet used to work at a hotel in Da Nang. In 2011 she got married and moved to Australia to settle down. She and her husband split up after seven years of marriage.

Nguyet moved out to live on her own, doing multiple jobs almost without taking a day off to pay off housing debts and support her aging parents in Vietnam.

When she became acquainted with Macpherson, she thought she had found a potential client and also asked him to introduce his friends who might buy houses.

Over the course of numerous conversations he gradually understood her situation and the reason for her dedication to work.

The more they spoke, the more common interests he discovered such as photography, traveling and cooking.

Nguyet's gentle communication style and her fluency in English created a strong impression on him.

When they first met in person, Macpherson was already a multimillionaire and owner of logistics and motorsports companies, but kept his identity hidden.

The first time they met he also lied about his age, telling her he was 52 while he was in fact 62, because she had once said she wanted to date someone of similar age.

Nguyet recounts her initial impression of Macpherson: "When we met for the first time I believed he was 52 because of his youthful and energetic style. Moreover, he really loved Vietnam because he had traveled and watched war movies."

Their relationship gradually flowered as he came around to her workplace every weekend to invite her out.

Two months after their first meeting, he invited her for a vacation at his family's seaside house hundreds of kilometers from where they lived.

A hospitable person, he frequently cooked for Nguyet. Every morning they went for a walk and did yoga on the beach together.

Nguyet also showcased her cooking skills by making Vietnamese dishes like grilled meat noodles and chicken pho noodle soup.

One day, seeing the beautifully arranged food on the table, Macpherson suddenly burst into tears, saying, since his divorce, nobody had cooked for him like this.

Nguyet says: "At that moment, I felt both sympathetic and moved. I never thought good food could make him shed tears."

On the last day of their vacation, as they sat on the balcony looking at the sky and sea, he unexpectedly proposed to her.

Overcoming her hesitation about their age gap, Nguyet agreed. After the holiday he invited Nguyet and her friends to his house for a Christmas and New Year celebration. He revealed his true identity to his fiancée at the party.

Nguyet says: "I was shocked to see Andrew's images all over the Internet of him attending global racing events. He also owned a meat and seafood logistics company, and the motor racing competition GT World Challenge Asia GT3."

Although she was very fond of him, she felt hesitant after learning he was so wealthy and realizing the huge difference between their backgrounds.

Macpherson understood her feelings. He told her he admired her for her hard work and always thinking of others. He convinced her that since they were both getting on in age and understood the harshness of life they would want to spend the remaining years of their lives together.

Anh Nguyet and Andrew on a trail trip in 2023. Photo provided by Nguyet

Anh Nguyet and Macpherson on a trail trip in 2023. Photo provided by Nguyet

Despite being in a relationship with a millionaire, she did not want to be seen as dependent on him and continued to pursue two jobs.

Besides as a real estate agent, she also worked as a cashier at a dental clinic, 35 kilometers (21.7 miles) from home.

This meant they only met once or twice a week, usually late at night after she finished work. He constantly asked her to work less, but she declined, leaving him somewhat frustrated. He wanted to spend more time together, and so asked her to move in with him and work as his assistant.

She agreed and rented out the house for which she was paying mortgage, and began to send more money back to her parents. Since then they have been living together.

In October 2023 Nguyet told him about a dream she had of a beach wedding flooded with sunlight. "I am also planning such a wedding for you to surprise you," he said to her astonishment.

It turned out that during their time together he had researched Vietnamese customs and traditions and learned that Vietnamese women have to get married and hold a wedding ceremony before living with their partner.

Though Nguyet had never demanded that she wanted to go through all that, Macpherson did not want her to miss out and also hoped to see her radiant in a wedding dress.

He chose Vietnam instead of Australia for the wedding.

The wedding photo of Anh Nguyet and Andrew, April 2024. Photo provided by Nguyet

The wedding photo of Anh Nguyet and Andrew, April 2024. Photo provided by Nguyet

On April 27, 2024, the wedding took place on a famous beach in Da Nang, with over 100 guests, including many of Macpherson’s friends from all over the world.

On the wedding day Nguyet's father fell ill and had to be hospitalized, and so could not perform the tradition of giving away the bride.

Seeing Nguyet sob, Macpherson promised to take care of her for the rest of her life in his vows.

After the wedding Nguyet continued to pursue her real estate career to be financially independent. They went out on weekends and spent weekdays together at home, cooking, like when they first fell in love.

When he participated in races, she went with him to take photos since he trusted her photographic skills.

Nguyet says, beaming: "Wherever he goes, he brags to his friends that he has a Vietnamese wife who cooks well and takes beautiful photos, and deserves a 10 out of 10."

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