UK nail magazine gushes over Vietnamese manicurist

By Thao Nhi   January 2, 2021 | 02:30 pm GMT+7
Scratch Magazine, a U.K. publication on nail fashion, has hailed Dang Ngoc Quynh Anh for her 'Futuristic' nail collection.

Alex Fox, its editor in chief, said in an article published in August that she was "intrigued and delighted" with the nail art created by the Saigon manicurist, also known as Quinada.

"I sense Quinada's desire to tell a story through fusing ideas with abstract materials to build original structures on the end of the fingers," she wrote.

"There's no denying this nail artist is a free and deep thinking individual that has cleverly curated a powerful piece of art that puts hands and fingers at the core of its wide and compelling communiqué."

Dang Ngoc Quynh Anh appears on August issue of Scratch Magazine. Photo courtesy of Quynh Anh.

Dang Ngoc Quynh Anh appears in the August issue of the U.K.'s Scratch Magazine. Photo courtesy of Quynh Anh.

Anh, 27, is a nail artist working mainly in Saigon. Though she has only around three years’ experience, her clients already include many celebrities.

She said her work is not easy, especially since she has chosen a niche of creating nail designs mainly for photography and performances.

"I had to support myself financially to open my studio. [But] I was quite reckless. Instead of the traditional salon concept, I focused on tailoring the quality of nail products and services [to individual customers]. I did private bookings, so in the beginning it failed 80 percent because there were few customers and costs were high."

A nail design concept in Anhs Futuristic collection. Photo courtersy of Anh.

A nail design concept in Dang Ngoc Quynh Anh's 'Futuristic' collection. Photo courtersy of Anh.

The collection that caught Scratch’s attention was created during social distancing period, she said.

"When making abstract nail designs, I spend a lot of time brainstorming, drawing and testing materials. The social distancing period allowed me time to be creative."

The common prejudices against manicure work that it is manual labor and does not require much brain is not completely accurate, she said.

"When I lack an idea or motivation to work, I put everything aside, choose a movie or a novel or a favorite dish to regain my spirit."

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