Student fashion show '52' in Hanoi grabs attention for honoring culture and history

By Thy An   June 18, 2024 | 06:00 pm PT
In early June, at the British University Vietnam (BUV) in Ecopark, the "52" Fashion Show organized by the BUV Fashion Club took center stage.

Four segments of the fashion show illustrated Hanoi's cultural and historical tapestry, featuring designs inspired by its architecture, people, and enduring stories.

The event featured many prominent figures from Vietnam's fashion and music scenes, boasting a large-scale and professionally managed affair backed by numerous major enterprises.

"52" draws its inspiration from the intersection of Hanoi and the creative yearnings of its youth.

The number 52 symbolizes the juxtaposition and reflection of tradition and modernity, artfully interwoven into both men's and women's collections.

The 52 Fashion Show organized by the BUV Fashion Club. Photo courtesy of BUV

The "52" Fashion Show was organized by the BUV Fashion Club. Photo courtesy of BUV

The show was broken up into 4 sections.

Chapter 1, "Hanoi's Land," reimagines the unique architectural and cultural beauty of old Hanoi as the intersection of tradition and modernity, creating a city steeped in nostalgia.

Following the beauty of "physical elements," the beauty of "literary elements" is celebrated in Chapter 2: "Old Hanoi," depicting the profound cultural and ethical values of ancient Hanoians, honoring the standards of "cong – dung – ngon – hanh" ("hardworking, beautiful, well-spoken, and well-behaved") for women and "tam – cuong – ngu – thuong" ("the three moral bonds, five cardinal virtues") for men.

Chapter 3 is "Hanoi Then," which recreates the glorious historical moments of Hanoi through resilient resistance battles and the daily lives of people in the capital.

The final chapter, "Hanoi Today," takes the audience from the difficult era to changes in the 90s, to the innovation, and the dynamism of today's young Hanoi generation, alongside an awareness of preserving core values.

The entire show was a captivating journey through time, whisking the audience away to rediscover the nostalgic essence of Hanoi, steeped in a millennia of culture, while offering a fresh lens on ancient Hanoi for Gen Z.

On the runway, many uniquely conceived and beautifully executed designs delivered delightful surprises to the guests.

Trang Le, Founder and Chairwoman of Vietnam International Fashion Week, highlighted the creative and exceptional pieces showcased in the collections, particularly praising the meticulous organization and scale of the BUV students' event.

"A year ago, when faced with the decision of whether to send my daughter to study in the U.K. after high school, we opted to stay in Vietnam and choose BUV. Here, my daughter benefits from an education in a British environment close to home, along with the invaluable values of practical learning and early engagement. Today, witnessing firsthand the spirit and capabilities of my daughter and her peers, I am convinced that our decision was absolutely right," said Trang.

Trang Le (2nd, L) and designer Duc Hung (3rd, L) took a commemorative photo with Rick Bennett, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of BUV. Photo courtesy of BUV

Trang Le (2nd, L) and designer Duc Hung (3rd, L) took a commemorative photo with Rick Bennett, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of BUV and Ta Ha Lan, Head of Student Engagement, BUV (1st, L). Photo courtesy of BUV

"Despite being born and raised in Hanoi's Old Quarter, there were many intricate details I overlooked, which the students have astutely identified and celebrated in their fashion designs. This genuinely makes me go 'wow' and deeply admire the creativity of these young talents," said Hung.

Professor Rick Bennett, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of BUV, acknowledged that while the university does not currently offer a specialized fashion program, the impressive show was the culmination of collaborative efforts by students from diverse fields such as Marketing, Business, and Event Management.

It splendidly showcased the dynamism and versatility of BUV students.

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