My wife yearns for travel despite our modest means

By Minh Tuong   June 9, 2024 | 03:13 pm PT
Whenever my wife sees a colleague or acquaintance sharing vacation photos on social media, she becomes envious and makes sarcastic comments towards me.

We have been married for more than a decade, both hailing from farming families. We initially moved from rural areas to the city to pursue education and careers.

After getting married, we rented a place before eventually managing to buy a small suburban home using our savings and a loan after three years. Our life is generally stable, as we meet our monthly needs and have a little left over for unexpected expenses after making our loan payments.

My wife began her current job at a large company with excellent benefits more than a year ago. Her colleagues, who hail from affluent backgrounds, frequently spend on luxuries like fashionable clothing, dining at restaurants, quality education for their children, and regular vacations. They eagerly plan trips and discuss attractive destinations every summer.

Since our marriage, we haven’t taken a single vacation. Instead, during long holidays, we visit our families in our hometowns, which is always costly.

Previously, my wife looked forward to these visits and disliked traveling during the holidays due to the crowds. However, her attitude has shifted since joining her current workplace. She often mentions feeling left out because she has not experienced a vacation since we were married, and it saddens her to see others enjoying trips arranged by their spouses.

I am genuinely disheartened by her changed outlook. I would love to take her on vacations if our finances were better and our debts cleared. Yet, her continuous demands amid our financial struggles are overwhelming. Additionally, she has increased her spending recently.

How can I help my wife recognize our financial reality as she once did?

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