My in-laws criticize me during my pregnancy

By Thu Hue   July 4, 2024 | 03:58 pm PT
During my pregnancy, my in-laws would only inquire about the baby as a mere formality, always coupling their questions with insults.

I am 27 years old and my husband is four years my senior. We used to rent a house in the city for the sake of convenience related to our jobs. However, now that we have a newborn, we have moved back to my parents’ home for additional support and assistance. My parents and siblings make it a very welcoming environment.

However, my relationship with my in-laws is not very good. My pregnancy made it difficult for me to travel many kilometers by motorbike to see them regularly, leading them to occasionally call and express their dissatisfaction. Close to my due date, I heeded my husband’s advice to visit them, but their comments further diminished my already low enthusiasm.

My mother-in-law advised me to walk extensively to facilitate a natural birth. She cautioned that if I required a C-section and it prevented me from having more children in the future, she would suggest to my husband that he find another woman, and that I should not protest.

My father-in-law stated that a married woman must look after her in-laws in addition to her husband, emphasizing that we should not leave them by themselves as my husband is an only child.

This left me deeply disheartened, erasing any remaining positive feelings I had towards my in-laws. Now, just reflecting on these incidents plunges me into depression and frustration, even while I am under my parents’ care. I am at a loss on how to handle these emotions or how to dismiss them in a way that does not impact my relationship with my husband and child.

What should I do to manage this challenging situation?

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