1000 artistes to sing in Hoi An int’l choir contest

By Hanh Tho   May 12, 2019 | 06:03 pm PT
1000 artistes to sing in Hoi An int’l choir contest
A performance at the 2017 Interkultur International Choir Competition. Photo by Interkultur
Vietnam’s most famous old town Hoi An will welcome 1,000 plus artistes from 10 countries for a choir contest this week.

This year’s competition will have choirs from China, Estonia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Singapore, the U.S. and host Vietnam.  

The sixth Vietnam International Choir Competition, organized by the Hoi An People’s Committee in collaboration with German choir competitions and festivals organizer Interkultur, will take place May 15-18.

"Hoi An, which means peaceful meeting place, is an ideal venue for peaceful competitions for both locals and foreigners," said Interkultur president Günter Titsch.

The teams will compete in different categories and difficulty levels in chamber music, hymns and folk songs. All performances will need to meet certain artistic choir criteria while showcasing each team’s unique national identity.

Aside from the major competitions taking place at the Hoi An Beach Resort, choir teams will participate in a friendship concert called "International Melody" on Bach Dang Street and Kazik Garden on Tran Phu Street on May 16 and 17. 

There will also be a choir parade on the streets of Hoi An on May 18.

The town has been chosen several times to host this event, especially after it successfully held the first choir competition in Vietnam in 2011.

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