‘Condor Heroes’ star forsaken by 20-year-younger mistress, encounters financial difficulties

By Nguyen Huong   May 29, 2024 | 02:30 am PT
At 76, Hong Kong actor Chun Wong, known for his role in the TV series “The Condor Heroes,” has moved into a nursing home due to neglect by his younger mistress Mary and financial difficulties.
Hong Kong actor Chun Wong. Photo by TVB

Hong Kong actor Chun Wong. Photo by TVB

According to Sinchew, in a conversation with journalists on Sunday, Chun disclosed that Mary has been incommunicado since his initial accident in 2021. Since that time, he has solely maintained contact through phone calls, while she has ceased her visits.

He noted that although he previously supported Mary financially, he is now unable to continue doing so. When informed by a journalist that Mary had recently purchased a new car, he remarked: "She must have collected some debts."

The actor also recounted two incidents where he fell in his hotel room, the first occurring in 2021 and the latest in March of this year, both times requiring medical attention. Following these incidents, the government facilitated his move to a nursing home.

He confessed that he had depleted all his savings during the Covid-19 pandemic and now relies on a social worker to assist him in applying for social security benefits to manage his healthcare and living costs. In these challenging times, he has had to borrow money from friends.

Chun shared that he previously weighed over 100 kg and utilized a wheelchair for mobility. Although he has recently lost weight, he still suffers from swollen limbs due to compromised kidney function. His aim is to shed more weight and possibly return to acting to secure additional income for his own support.

He mentioned that his rapport with his four children has recently improved. However, they are unable to accommodate him in their homes. He recalled selling his Hong Kong property to aid his eldest daughter and her husband in settling a HK$3 million (US$384,000) debt,. Only his youngest daughter consistently visits him in the nursing home now.

Chun has four children with his wife Mo Peiwen. Reports suggest that his relationship with his children worsened after he started neglecting them and Mo following the onset of his relationship with Mary. It is also said that Mo has attempted to divorce Chun six times, all of which Chun has refused, resulting in their ongoing separation.

Chun, who has had a longstanding relationship with the Hong Kong broadcaster TVB, is celebrated for his performances in film adaptations of author Jin Yong’s wuxia (martial arts) novels.

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