Canadian girl sings Vietnamese anthem on round-the-world fundraising tour

By Kim Thuy   March 17, 2016 | 09:21 pm PT
Capri Everitt, an 11 year-old singer from Canada, sang Vietnam's national anthem in Vietnamese to raise funds for needy and disadvantaged children on March 17 at SOS Children’s Village in Danang.

Capri spent two weeks learning the anthem with help from a local resident.


Capri sings Vienam's national anthem with 60 children from Danang-  Photo VnExpress

She had to spend three hours per day learning the lyrics and melody.                       

Vietnam is the 31st destination among 80 countries that Capri and her family will visit to sing 80 different national anthems in a bid to raise $1 million for children everywhere who have been affected by war, poverty, climate change or other unfortunate circumstances, specifically through SOS Children’s Villages International.

She and her younger brother have taken a year out from school to complete the journey.

The journey began on November 12, 2015 at Unicef’s Universal Children’s Day celebrations in Ottawa where Capri sang the Canadian national anthem and spoke as SOS Children’s Villages youngest Youth Ambassador.

Capri will be singing the national anthem in the national language of each country she visits. She will also invite as many of local children as possible to sing with them.

"I wanted to do something with my voice, do something to help others that don't have time to think about whether they have a talent," she told CBC News.

"Many kids don't know many popular pop stars, but we all know our national anthems,” she explained.

Capri said that the journey is helping her to make new friends and enjoy experiences that she would never had the chance to in school.

Capri will also sing the Vietnamese national anthem at Chau A Park and Bien Dong Park in Dang Nang over the next few days.

Her next destination will be Thailand.

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