South Korean singer Jin Ju covers hit Vietnamese song

By Hoang Dung   September 17, 2023 | 06:59 pm PT
South Korean singer Jin Ju covers hit Vietnamese song
South Korean singer Jin Ju. Photo courtesy of Jin Ju
South Korean singer Jin Ju has performed both a Korean and Vietnamese version of "Ngay Mai Nguoi Ta Lay Chong" (Tomorrow They Get Married).

Jin Ju said she liked the melody of the song, written by musician Dong Thien Duc, when she first heard it on YouTube. She then asked her managing agency to contact Duc to allow her to cover the song, as well as posting a video clip on her personal page. She learned the song and how to sing it around three days before recording.

"The songwriter said he liked how I performed the song, and was surprised to hear me singing the lyrics clearly, even though I'm from South Korea. It makes me happy and gives me motivation to hone my Vietnamese singing skills," Jin said.

Jin also wrote Korean lyrics for the song, based on the emotion of a woman about to get married to her husband while still missing her ex-lover.

"Every time I write Korean lyrics to Vietnamese songs, I learn new and useful vocabulary," she said.

South Korean singer Jin Ju performs a cover of "Ngay Mai Nguoi Ta Lay Chong." Video courtesy of Jin Ju

Jin Ju, born in 1994, is a South Korean national who graduated from the Vietnamese department of the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. She is known for participating in game shows in HCMC and for singing covers of Vietnamese hit songs online.

Ju is part of a managing agency of South Korean artists. She married a South Korean musician in 2021, and has a two-year-old daughter.

Dong Thien Duc wrote "Ngay Mai Nguoi Ta Lay Chong" in September 2022, based on his own love story. The music video of the song was released in May and garnered tens of millions of views on YouTube.

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