Popular revolutionary music singer announces divorce

By Ha Thu   November 13, 2023 | 02:32 am PT
Revolutionary music singer Viet Hoan has announced that he divorced his wife Hoa Tran, 18 years his junior, two years ago.

Hoan and his wife divorced amicably, and their children spend equal time with them, Hoan said last Saturday. He did not disclose the reason for the divorce.

They still share custody of their children.

"I’m currently happy, but I’m not ready for a new relationship," he said.

Prior to their divorce at the end of 2021, Hoan and Hoa Tran lived together for 14 years. They met at one of Hoan’s performances at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where Hoa Tran works.

Viet Hoan (L) and Hoa Tran when they were still together. Photo by Hoa Nguyen

Viet Hoan (L) and Hoa Tran when they were still together. Photo by Hoa Nguyen

Hoa Tran once said that when they were newly married, they had a lot of arguments due to their difference in age and personality, but they both strived to change. At that time, Hoan was 40 years old. Hoa Tran was 22.

Hoan says he is traditionalist who prefers to live simply. Meanwhile, Hoa Tran is more immature and prefers things to go her way.

In the beginning, he said he regarded his wife as a child who always needed to be told what to do, causing her to become annoyed and unwilling to listen to him.

They have three daughters together: Tra Linh, Viet Thy, and Song Thu. All have showed talent in music.
Viet Hoan was born in 1966 in Thai Binh province to parents who were both cai luong (Vietnamese reformed theatre) performers.

Hoan is famous in the revolutionary music genre, and was once in a trio with fellow singers Trong Tan and Dang Duong.

In 2006, he was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist by the government.

He currently lives on his farm in Hanoi's Thach That District. When not doing his work, he can be seen caring for his plants and growing vegetables.

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