My marriage with Vietnamese-American billionaire is 'strong': singer

By Thien Anh   July 8, 2023 | 05:15 pm PT
Singer Ha Phuong says she and billionaire Chinh Chu have been nurturing their marriage and overcoming ungrounded rumors over the past 20 years.
Singer Ha Phuong. Photo from Phuongs Instagram

Singer Ha Phuong. Photo from Phuong's Instagram

Phuong tells NgoiSao that she initially felt annoyed with rumors about a breakup with her billionaire husband Chinh Chu, but then found them funny.

The rumors spread after an old Daily Mail article was brought back to the spotlight, in which Chinh Chu was referred to as a "single dad," whose former spouse is Phuong.

"My husband felt annoyed as he didn’t want me and our children to become the media’s target," the singer says. "He wanted to clarify the rumors, but I told him there was no need, as I got used to being talked about. I want him to focus on his business instead."

Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu on a date in the American city of New York. Photo courtesy of Phuong

Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu on a date in the American city of New York. Photo courtesy of Phuong

Phuong shares that there have been countless rumors about her marriage. There was one time when she was said to have taken her own life due to marital problems, or another time when she was rumored to be given VND20 billion (around $845,310) by her husband as a divorce settlement.

"My friends jokingly said my marriage was like a myth," she recalls. "My relatives comforted me that people were simply envious of my happy marriage."

Phuong says the reason why her husband got married to her was her beautiful soul, not her appearance or her fame. According to her, Chinh Chu was surrounded by many famous talented beauty queens and models before their marriage, while she was introverted and awkward, though genuine and like helping others.

She has been trying to improve both her appearance and knowledge since their marriage to better match her husband, as he is a successful and intelligent man. She has been taking good care of their family as well to make the billionaire feel the warmth and happiness of having a family.

Chinh Chu went through a major operation two years ago, and he asked Phuong before his operation what she wanted him to do in case the operation failed. She bursted into tears and told him all she ever wished for was him living healthily with her and their children.

"He buys me everything I like, and I have to prevent him from doing so many times," she says. "We also maintain our habit of watching movies together and talking to each other every night before going to sleep."

She states that she has always felt loved and appreciated by her husband, and the key to their happy marriage is their respect towards each other.

Phuong says she and her husband think of their two daughters, the 17-year-old Diana and 15-year-old Angelina, as a precious gift. Though she wants them to help Chinh Chu run his business, she still prioritizes their own preferences. She plans to come back to her singing career after their daughters get into universities.

Phuong, 51, is a folk ballad singer. She was born into a family with rich musical tradition, and is the sister of veteran folk singer Cam Ly and pop singer Minh Tuyet.

Chinh Chu, is an American businessman of Vietnamese-heritage whose company is active in finance and technology. In 2019, The Richest estimated his net worth to be around $1.1 billion.

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