Inside Vietnamese cai luong artist Bao Quoc’s $1.8M mansion in US

By Thanh Que   March 31, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
Nestled in Palm Springs, California, the residence of Vietnamese cai luong (reformed theater) artist Bao Quoc is a five-bedroom mansion covering 340 square meters with a value of VND44.6 billion (US$1.8 million).
A wide-angle shot of Bao Quocs estate. Photo courtesy of Bao Quoc

A wide-angle shot of Bao Quoc's estate. Photo courtesy of Bao Quoc

The single-floor home has been the dwelling place for the artist and his family since January, featuring five bathrooms, a laundry room, dressing room, fitness center, kitchen, and a variety of other luxurious amenities.

The distinguished vocalist has infused his home with a contemporary European style, meticulously tailoring every aspect to align with his personal taste. The estate boasts significant highlights, including a sprawling garden, a swimming pool, a bar, and designated areas for BBQ and open-air dining.

Nguyen Ngoc Thu Thuy, the wife of Bao Quoc, notes that the family gathers every weekend to swim, eat, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance together.

The exterior surroundings of Bao Quocs villa. Photo courtesy of Bao Quoc

The exterior surroundings of Bao Quoc's villa. Photo courtesy of Bao Quoc

At the age of 75, Bao Quoc hails from a family deeply rooted in the performing arts, with his father being a celebrated cai luong artist in the Southern region, and his mother being the proprietor of one of the top five cai luong troupes between the 1950s and 1972.

He has distinguished himself through numerous acclaimed roles and was honored with the Merited Artist title by the government in 1991.

Bao Quoc currently relishes good health and life in the U.S. with his spouse and their daughter’s family, leading a life marked by health-conscious choices.

The interior design of Bao Quocs mansion. Photo courtesy of Bao Quoc

The interior design of Bao Quoc's mansion. Photo courtesy of Bao Quoc

Following a surgical procedure in 2016, he has excluded starchy foods and sugar from his diet. His daily routine commences with an early rise, followed by physical exercise, morning walks with his wife, and a nutritious breakfast. The period leading up to lunch is reserved for reading newspapers and watching television.

In the afternoons, Bao Quoc and his spouse enjoy shopping, particularly for flowering plants to adorn their garden. The couple strengthens family bonds through shared explorations. For each holiday or family member’s birthday, they embark on road trips and engage in camping activities.

A glimpse into the mansion of Bao Quoc. Video courtesy of Bao Quoc’s family

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