Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung resorts to online financial help for raising children

By Nguyen Huong   March 8, 2024 | 06:10 pm PT
Singer Steven Cheung has confessed to facing severe financial difficulties, rendering him unable to support himself or his offspring, prompting him to request donations via the internet.
Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung. Photo from Cheungs Instagram

Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung. Photo from Cheung's Instagram

According to HK01, Cheung, 39, has shared a QR code that links directly to his personal banking account, through which he is appealing to his followers for financial support during challenging times.

"I am aware that this may seem unwise, yet my situation is truly desperate," he expressed. "I am hopeful that things will stabilize after this month and appreciate any assistance offered."

He has committed to expressing his gratitude for any support received by repaying the kindness once his financial state stabilizes and acknowledged his lack of maturity, a point on which numerous online users have derided him, commenting: "It took the birth of four children for you to acknowledge your immaturity."

Au Yin Man, Cheung’s 33-year-old wife, has also voiced the difficulties of managing four children without the help of domestic workers on Instagram, stating that this situation hampers her ability to work. Further complicating their situation is their eldest son’s diagnosis with ADHD, she disclosed. Additionally, she is responsible for the care of three dogs.

In an attempt to solve their family’s financial hardships, Cheung underwent a vasectomy last year to curb his family size. Au has embarked on a career as a YouTuber in a bid to financially support the family and openly discussed their fiscal challenges and ongoing debts on her channel. She has candidly shared her struggles with substantial debt and contemplations of suicide.

Amidst their personal upheaval, the pair has been labeled as "debt industry Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)" by online communities, with Cheung’s method of soliciting funds being particularly criticized as akin to "online begging."

The union of Cheung and Au took place in 2019, and they welcomed their fourth child in 2023, amidst considerations of divorce prior to their youngest’s arrival.

Cheung embarked on his showbiz journey with the debut in the boy band Boy’z in 2003, which was subsequently renamed to Sun Boy’z, where he achieved multiple music accolades in Hong Kong.

Following the disbandment of Sun Boy’z in 2008, he ventured into acting, a career path that has seen limited success with few acting roles coming his way.

Cheung has repeatedly been in the spotlight due to his complicated private life, which has significantly impacted his professional image and contributed to the struggles in his acting career.

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