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The firm and brand ambassador H’Hen Nie have run community-based programs that help build its reputation over the past six years of presence in Vietnam.

Larry Madge, CEO of Sun Life Vietnam, shares the company’s business strategy as well as plan to implement inspirational community activities in future.

Why did Sun Life choose H'Hen Nie to support its community programs?

We believe she is a person who can inspire the community. She shares the same values of life, optimism, positivity, effort and perseverance as Sun Life Vietnam. These are the qualities we seek to help encourage the community to live a healthier and better life.

What are some of these activities?

We organize a series of activities called "I Choose The Sun - For A Bright Future" that includes programs that help build a financial foundation and those that contribute to improving public health.

Other activities include the annual "Sun Life Resolution Run" to help raise public awareness on the importance of building an active lifestyle. "Live Healthier Lives – Basketball Hoop Installation" helps students in schools nationwide to build a habit of doing exercise and live a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Besides, a series of "Women With Personal Financial Management" workshops are run nationally to provide knowledge related to personal and family finance that help women be more confident and optimistic in making sound financial decisions.

Where does Sun Life implement its activities?

"Woman With Financial Literacy" workshop series was organized by Sun Life Vietnam in localities such as Hanoi, Can Tho (Phong Dien, Co Do, and Can Tho City), Duc Tho - Ha Tinh, Dong Son - Thanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, Kon Tum, Ho Chi Minh City with more than 1,600 participants. This activity will be further implemented in other provinces and cities soon.

Regarding the "Live Healthier Lives" program, Sun Life has installed 110 basketball hoops and donated 550 basketballs at 81 schools in 33 provinces and cities nationwide. The annual Sun Life Resolution Run will officially return in February 2020. H’Hen Nie will continue to join Sun Life Vietnam in these upcoming community initiatives.

How does H’Hen Nie impact Sun Life’s business strategy?

H’Hen Nie is an inspiration. With her support, we hope to raise health awareness as well as provide financial management knowledge, especially to young people.

As an insurance company, we always aim to improve the quality of life and financial security of everyone. We call it the "Client for Life" strategy – with the customer the focus of our business operations. The company's purpose is to help its clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. 

How does Sun Life approach young customers?

Customers from 25 to 45 years old are important targets of Sun Life Vietnam. We approach them through a combination of face to face advice and service powered by technology, digital marketing platforms, and also develop products in the direction of digital conversion, in line with the trends and tastes of this potential group.

For example, the application launched this summer creates a platform providing useful information to help clients manage their family's life insurance contract more simply and conveniently. Clients can also search for information and make claims online. The digital conversion journey is very long, and we have to put a lot of effort into applying the technology in a popular way throughout the customer experience.

Technology is now the main trend of Vietnam's insurance industry. How does Sun Life create a competitive advantage in this race?

Technology is just one of the diverse approaches that help us understand and serve our clients better. Sun Life has only entered Vietnam’s market for 6 years, in which time the company has achieved significant growth. In all markets where we operate, the company strives to improve technology to meet the needs of customers in the best, fastest and most effective way.

But technology cannot replace the human touch. Insurance is a humanitarian field, we need to have direct interaction with customers, as well as care about, understand and inspire them to achieve a better life and be protected from any unnecessary risks.

We do not compete with anyone; customers are the goal that Sun Life aims for. Any business can say this, but the problem lies in how they perform, how they persevere to reach their goal.

Sun Life Vietnam is a medium-sized insurance company; however, it is not a disadvantage but an advantage that helps us take care of each customer more thoroughly. Our company also focuses on training and building capacity for our agents and consultants; we also value our relationship with banks and partners, spending a lot of time to build long-term cooperation between all sides.

What have you personally done to inspire healthy living for the community?

I love sports, especially swimming, cycling and running. My daughter is also an active swimmer at school. My family always tries to spend time playing sports together, not only to improve physical health, but also to convey positive mental values. Therefore, in all Sun Life community programs, I always tag along and want to attract as many people as possible.

Establishing a daily workout routine helps me maintain the active and positive spirit in work and life. Through Sun Life's community-based programs, I hope the Vietnamese community, especially its young generation will practice sports every day to establish a healthy lifestyle for a bright future.

Content: Minh Anh
Photo: Quynh Tran
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