Pernod Ricard Vietnam's circular-making and awareness-raising activities

By Thy An   July 4, 2024 | 01:00 am PT
Responsib'all Day, an annual event by Pernod Ricard, attracted over 20,000 global employees for meaningful activities, gaining support from both employees and the wider community.

This day is part of Pernod Ricard’s global initiative, Responsib'All Day, during which more than 20,000 employees around the world dedicate one day each year to actively contribute to the group’s sustainability and responsibility roadmap, "Good Times from a Good Place."

This year, Pernod Ricard's teams focused on driving circularity in the group’s own value chain and local communities through a huge variety of activities tailored to each local context, with preserving natural resources and reducing waste being key strategic focuses for the group.

In Vietnam, Pernod Ricard's 12th Responsib'all Day took place on June 20, with the theme "Circular Making," focusing on the 5Rs principles: Rethink, Respect, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

The event aimed to raise awareness among the community and employees about the importance of environmental protection and waste recycling for a sustainable society.

Pernod Recard Vietnams staff joined ResponsibAll Day. Photo courtesy of Pernod Recard Vietnam

Pernod Ricard Vietnam's staff joined Responsib'All Day. Photo courtesy of Pernod Ricard Vietnam

The event was simultaneously held at three locations: the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Arts (Hanoi), the Student Cultural House in the University Village (Ho Chi Minh City), and the Son Tra Peninsula (Da Nang).

To deliver a practical and meaningful Responsib'All Day, Pernod Ricard Vietnam collaborated with reliable environmental protection and recycling organizations such as Lagom Vietnam, Red River Recycling, Eco Station, and O-I BJC.

Additionally, esteemed lecturers on environmental and recycling topics from universities and organizations provided valuable and practical insights into the 5Rs.

A speaker delivers a speech at workshop on waste recycling at the event. Photo courtesy of Pernod Ricard Vietnam

A speaker delivers a speech at workshop on waste recycling at the event. Photo courtesy of Pernod Ricard Vietnam

The activities of Responsib’all Day in Vietnam were diverse, ranging from workshops on waste recycling, waste collection and sorting activities, to tree planting an glass recycling.

Pernod Ricard employees contributed to the construction of waste collection points for the event locations.

Specifically, recycling bins made from paper and plastic were installed to raise awareness about environmental protection, waste sorting, and monthly collection.

Waste collection and sorting activities. Photo courtesy of Pernod Ricard Vietnam

Waste collection and sorting activities. Photo courtesy of Pernod Ricard Vietnam

Maria Pia De Caro, EVP Integrated Operations and Sustainability, said that she was impressed by the commitment, creativity, and passion for challenge that drove the teams in imagining and implementing new ways to produce, package, and transport iconic brands.

The Responsib’All Day is all about challenging themselves to minimize the resources used and the waste created at every step of the value chain.

"It is fantastic to see our employees once again getting wholeheartedly involved alongside charities and circular organizations to explore how we can promote a circular mindset not only in our own value chain but in local communities too," said Maria.

Responsib’all Day is one of the activities that demonstrate Pernod Ricard's commitment to sustainable development in various countries.

In addition to this event, Pernod Ricard organizes numerous workshops and awareness programs on responsible drinking, such as Auto Sobriety and training sessions on harm prevention from alcohol consumption, targeting university students and employees nationwide.

They also host talk shows on responsible drinking behaviors and run the Drink More Water campaign extensively, reaching customers at various consumption points and robustly across digital platforms.

Pernod Ricard, a leading global spirits and wine company, combines traditional craftsmanship with modern brand development and global distribution technologies.

In FY23, it generated sales of over EUR12,137 million (more than US$13,010).

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