'Nguy-Co' talkshow: The journey to bring Vietnam's business stories to the world

By Thi Thao   June 17, 2021 | 11:45 pm PT
For producer S-world Multimedia, the talkshow’s biggest success lies in spreading the "Together stronger" message in business community.

Debuting on Sept. 10, 2020, "Nguy - Co" (Risks and Chances) talkshow has aired 31 episodes, gathering guest speakers from a variety of fields including technology, real estate, finance, services, entertainment, consumption, and transportation.

Each episode attracts hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments on multiple platforms, including VnExpress, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify.

Soan Dang, CEO of S-world Multimedia, the talkshow's producer, said she constantly received messages, calls, handwritten letters, encouragement and support from the business community, especially influential and young entrepreneurs. Among the audience, 85 percent of viewers hail from Vietnam and 15 percent from abroad.

Shark Hung, Shark Linh, CEO Soan Dang and host Phi Van (from L to R). Photo by S-world.

(From L) Shark Hung, Shark Linh, CEO Soan Dang and host Phi Van. Photo by S-world.

"Enterprises are the backbone of the economy. As soon as they step away, business activities would come to a standstill or firms go bankrupt, causing a negative impact on the overall economy. I think businesses must be the priority - the media needs to carry out its mission to accompany and strengthen enterprises. This was how the 'Risk and Chances' talkshow was born," Soan said.

She believes each lesson can inspire young entrepreneurs and businesses to avoid failure and shorten their path to success.

Connect to be stronger

"The biggest success of the show so far has been its transmission of the message 'Together stronger.' VnExpress has helped us 'fly our dreams," noted Soan.

VnExpress has 4 million daily readers, 40 million monthly users, and 1.5 billion readers per year. "By joining hands with a giant friend, I expected to create a 'new reading - watching behavior'," she added.

Founded in the middle of the pandemic (June 2020), though still young, S-World took advantage of its prestige and networks. The team chose a businesswoman and public speaker, Nguyen Phi Van, to host "Risks and Chances", who greatly contributes to spreading the value of the show.

"I’ve been following Phi Van for a long time, from calling, texting, emailing to meeting face-to-face. Van asked a lot of questions, which we had to answer thoroughly and presented her the overall plan with detailed content, message and guests every week," Soan recalled.

"We successfully convinced one more big friend with our trust, values, sincerity, and three other elements: flexibility, boldness and persistence."

Risks and Chances connects online with overseas Vietnamese businessmen. Photo by S-world.

"Risks and Chances" connects online with overseas Vietnamese businesspersons. Photo by S-world.

Other well-known guests from the business community that have contributed to the show's success include: Shark Hung (Pham Thanh Hung) - vice chairman of Cen Group; Shark Khoa (Le Dang Khoa) - CEO of Le Group Ventures; Nguyen Lam Vien- chairman of Vinamit; Le Diep Kieu Trang and Sonny Vu- Founder and CEOs of Arevo; Le Hoang Uyen Vy - co-founder of Do Ventures; Nguyen Cao Tri- chairman of Van Lang University Council; Nguyen Anh Nhuong- chairman of the Board of Directors of Yeah1.

"Risks and Chances" also connects online with influential overseas Vietnamese businesspersons, including Thuc Vu - co-founder and CEO of OhmniLabs; Kambria from Croatia – a young entrepreneur in artificial intelligence; Kendrick Nguyen - founder and CEO of Republic - a large Fintech platform in the U.S.; Tran Ngoc Phuc - chairman of Metran Group in Japan.

"Season one enjoyed 5 million views across all platforms. We aim to double the views in season two," added Soan.

Respect working principles

Respect is the very first rule in the working process. Soan asked the team to respect time and deadlines, from inviting guests, connecting with sponsors, sourcing business information, planning the program script and interview questions, then filming.

More than 10 team members, including directors and staff, take part in all stages of production, from planning to execution. Without hierarchy, all crew members might carry tables and chairs, prepare water, take care of guests, pick up trash, and clean up after each shoot. Even emails to partners must adhere to general guidelines established by S-World.

The producer also has high requirements for cinematographers, techniques, lighting... to generate "digital content" programs comparable to today's popular TV shows.

The whole team is not afraid to work overtime or stay up all night in order to ensure the show airs on time.

"It was touching to be supported by many individuals and units," said the S-World CEO. For instance, the studio is funded by University Access Center (UAC) of the U.K. Group.

Le Diep Kieu Trang and Sonny Vu at Risk and Chances season one. Photo by S-world.

Le Diep Kieu Trang and Sonny Vu during "Risk and Chances" season one. Photo by S-world.

Season two

In season two, which delves into the theme "future problems", the producer goes into operation, presenting issues and formulas, based on lessons from season one.

"The difficulty for businesses is similar to basic math with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division," said Soan Dang. The new concept will deliver more positive and accessible content.

"Risks and Chances" welcomes all entrepreneurs and businesses with their inspirational stories and future problems. The producer focuses on five values: stronger together - together to be stronger; into the world - Vietnamese brand to the world; technology and digital transformation - the era for breakthroughs; innovation - movement for success; exploiting Vietnam's potential - an international perspective.

The second season of Risks-Chances airs every Thursday, with the participation of famous guests in many fields, including investment, retail, technology, e-commerce, education, healthcare to agriculture.

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