Many people love luxury brands but choose to use counterfeit goods

May 19, 2024 | 03:19 pm PT
Many people love luxury brands but choose to use counterfeit goods
Buying counterfeit goods can harm businesses, consumers and the environment. Illustration photo by Unsplash
While my family steadfastly avoids fake luxury items, I've observed that many Vietnamese consumers, despite their professed love for high-end brands, opt for counterfeits.

A lot of people lack awareness of the repercussions of using low-quality counterfeit goods, so they purchase them to show off because they look just like the authentic ones. These items are rampant and find their way into many stores and markets.

I understand that while luxury brands remain aspirational for many, not everyone can afford genuine items. But buying fake products means supporting their production and sale, enabling intellectual property theft and causing significant losses to companies that invested heavily in research, testing, and product development.

Moreover, this habit undermines the motivation for innovation and detrimentally impacts the environment, as non-genuine products typically have low durability. If everyone uses them, society will surely fail to progress.

Thus, I believe it is time we raised awareness about this issue and took a stand against counterfeiting, thereby protecting legitimate businesses and consumers themselves from harm.

My entire family has committed to rejecting fake goods outright. This sentiment is echoed by civilized individuals in developed nations, where efforts to restrict counterfeiting are gaining traction. Certain European countries have enacted stringent penalties for the purchase and use of unauthentic goods, fostering a culture of awareness and boycott of such practices.

Hence, I encourage Vietnamese consumers to make informed and responsible choices, as we currently do not have penalties for buying counterfeit goods because it is difficult to determine whether these purchases are intentional or not.

The quickest and most effective solution, in my opinion, is for consumers to cooperate with state authorities, first by stopping the consumption of fake goods and, in the long term, by reporting any violations they see.

Do you think counterfeiting is a harmless trend or a serious issue that needs attention?

Reader Tien Thinh

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