I don’t exclude my rich child from inheritance to support his poorer sibling

May 30, 2024 | 03:12 pm PT
I don’t exclude my rich child from inheritance to support his poorer sibling
Land in Thu Duc City the eastern area of HCMC, November 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
Even though my son is more successful, I do not leave him out of my will to give more inheritance to his less affluent sibling.

I was fortunate enough to be born to fairly progressive parents in HCMC. They did not discriminate between their sons and daughters at all. When we were young, our father would give each of us the same amount of pocket money.

When my parents were in their seventies, they decided to divide their assets among their nine children. Naturally, they were very fair and gave each child 5,000 square meters of land. To help out those in less favorable conditions, my parents gave them some gold and let them have some of the better locations for the land inheritance.

Before announcing the inheritance distribution, my father called me to discuss their plan and to see if I had any suggestions. Of course, I agreed wholeheartedly with their approach. After dividing the land among their children, my parents kept about 20,000 square meters for their future needs, ensuring that their children would not have to worry about them.

When they passed away last year, I, along with my two older brothers, gathered all of our siblings to distribute the remaining land according to our parents' wishes. Thanks to this fair treatment, we siblings have maintained our familial bond and are always happy to see each other.

I am now 65 years old. Following my parents' example, I have also passed down my lifetime savings early and equally between my son and daughter. Although my son is more successful, I do not think that he should have to give up his entire inheritance share to help out his less affluent sibling. I simply believe that he has worked hard to achieve his current position.

My wife and I wrote our will as soon as we both entered our sixties to prevent conflicts in case we passed away unexpectedly. Moreover, informing our children in advance about our plan for inheritance distribution will foster love and support among them as they know their parents loved them equally.

With that said, is there any reason that would make you exclude your rich children from your will?

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