Gasoline prices slip after 5 weeks rising

By Phuong Dung   July 11, 2024 | 01:33 am PT
Gasoline prices on Thursday fell slightly after increasing non-stop since early June.

The popular fuel RON95 dropped 1.10% to VND23,290 ($0.92) per liter. Biofuel E5 RON92 declined by 0.80% to VND22,280.

Diesel fell 1.61% to VND20,830.

Global gasoline prices in the last seven days were affected by possible ceasefire deals in the Gaza, the U.S. entering summer travel peak time, and the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, according to regulators.

Gasoline has dropped by 0.1-0.4% while oils fell 1-1.4% in the period. RON95 is now at $97.8 per barrel, and diesel at $101.2.

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