Lien Phong brings global products to Vietnamese consumers

By Ngoc Diem   June 1, 2022 | 05:00 am PT
Lien Phong’s mission is to become a trade bridge for high-quality mother and baby products.

Lien Phong Import-Export Co., Ltd., an importer of FMCG products, was a distributor of Australian milk in Vietnam.

In recent years it has been expanding partnerships to become the exclusive import and distribution partner for a number of family healthcare brands.

The company distributes products for mothers and babies it imports from developed countries like Australia, New Zealand and the U.K., thus offering world-renowned products to Vietnamese consumers.

Joseph Barton Nelson - New Zealand Consultancy visits to Lien Phong’s office. Photo by Lien Phong

Joseph Barton Nelson, Consul-General, Viet Nam at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, visits Lien Phong’s office in Hanoi. Photo by Lien Phong

These brands, such as Blackmores, a2 Milk, Only Organic, Ella's Kitchen, and Australian Dairies, have been trusted by mothers for their families.

Expansion strategy

According to a company representative, Lien Phong understands the needs of consumers and markets in other countries after many years in the fields of import, export and distribution.

Lien Phong's objective is to become a trading bridge that focuses on high-quality mother and baby products, bringing leading brands in baby diapers and healthcare from developed countries to Vietnam.

A product booth of Line Phong. Photo by Lien Phong

A Lien Phong product booth. Photo by Lien Phong

A spokeswoman for the company said: "Lien Phong, which is proud to be an authorized partner of various brands, seeks to safeguard consumers' interests in terms of product quality and service policies during and after sales."

Each Lien Phong product carries an additional stamp to ensure origin and safety for consumers to examine.

In future Lien Phong plans to pursue a multi-industry development strategy, attracting investment and expanding in the fields of F&B and production of consumer goods for the domestic market as well as export.

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