Home Credit wins all categories at Vietnam Best Places to Work Awards 2023

By Thy An   December 7, 2023 | 07:00 pm PT
Home Credit Vietnam was named among Top 50 Employers of Choice by Vietnam Students, Top 15 Representative Companies with Happy Workforce – Large Enterprises, and Top 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work - Large Enterprises this year.
Home Credit Vietnam and other companies received awards at Vietnam Best Places to Work 2023 last November. Photo courtesy of ???

Home Credit Vietnam and other companies receive awards at Vietnam Best Places to Work 2023 in November 2023. Photo courtesy of Home Credit

The Vietnam Best Places to Work Survey, conducted from June 2023 by Anphabe and Intage Vietnam, comprised three categories and Home Credit Vietnam has won all of them. These achievements also made the company one of Vietnam's best places to work for two consecutive years.

The year 2023 marks the 15th anniversary of Home Credit Vietnam. Over the years, the company's commitment to responsible financial activities has been evident in its continuous launch of initiatives and opportunities to meet customers’ financial needs while contributing to an efficient and stable financial system in Vietnam. By integrating new technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and big data, Home Credit is able to process data swiftly, assess credit status and affordability, and offer tailored products to customers. Additionally, the company’s standardized payment advisory process assists customers in managing their loan repayments on time, preventing any negative impact on their credit score.

Financial literacy has been a core focus as the company strives to equip Vietnamese people with the knowledge and skills necessary for their financial well-being through creating content and actively providing financial literacy across diverse channels such as the home app, social media, television, workshop series, and more. Home Credit also collaborated to publish the "Now You Know - A Guide for Smart Money Management" book to provide a reliable source of financial knowledge for the community.

The book Now You Know – A Guide for Smart Money Management published by Home Credit Vietnam and Saigon Books

The book "Now You Know – A Guide for Smart Money Management" published by Home Credit Vietnam and Saigon Books. Photo courtesy of Home Credit

Home Credit Vietnam has implemented a lot of corporate social responsibility projects that have had a positive impact on society and the environment, such as the "Home Love" CSR Project, which has reached remote areas of Vietnam to bring joy to disadvantaged people. They have rolled out the "Home for Life" project to support vulnerable women through interest-free loans and training. The "Activate Your Green Mode" campaign has called for actions for sustainable practices through easy actions such as paperless procedures.

The company has also applied sustainability principles to its organizational operations and human development. Home Credit prioritizes comprehensive employee wellness, focusing on four energy pillars: intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, physical quotient, and spiritual quotient. As a company that values a "lifelong learning" culture and embraces digital transformation, Home Credit concentrates on enhancing organizational capabilities and developing talent to empower employees for future challenges by organizing and providing a series of workshops and training sessions on technological trends, contemporary skills, tailored to different levels. The implementation of two seasons of the young talent incubation program Home Racer in the fields of technology, data, and product highlights the company's commitment to nurturing confidence in navigating upcoming changes. Activities aimed at enhancing physical and mental health, such as HomeChat, WellnessTalk, and sports festivals, are implemented in various formats, with efforts to reach employees nationwide. This approach creates a diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environment, promoting empowerment and innovation.

Talk with Experts with the topic of Generate AI – Boost your productivity, a workshop of Skills for Future program, providing employees with the essential know-how and abilities about AI to adapt to today’s ever-changing job scene.

"Talk with Experts" with the topic "Generate AI – Boost Your Productivity," a workshop of the "Skills for Future" program, provides employees with the essential know-how and abilities about AI to adapt to today’s ever-changing job scene. Photo courtesy of Home Credit

With each implemented initiative, employees at Home Credit Vietnam are encouraged to contribute in various ways, from direct participation and expressing opinions to spreading ideas and, ultimately, being inspired to implement personal initiatives. This approach not only enhances the organization's development but also strengthens employee engagement by creating shared values, positively impacting both the workforce and the broader community.

Annica Witschard, CEO of Home Credit Vietnam, said that looking ahead, despite ongoing volatility and uncertainty in international markets, compounded by climate risks and geopolitical tensions, Home Credit Vietnam will build upon the resilience that underpins its 15-year journey.

"With our robust business model, commitment to responsible business practice, and exceptional leadership team and employees, we remain dedicated to serving our customers and communities ethically and sustainably."

To explore Home Credit Vietnam’s 15-year journey, visit here.

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