Exploring AI-powered innovations for film and television industry

By Thy An   June 17, 2024 | 08:30 pm PT
Thu Do Multimedia showcased three AI-integrated solutions at Telefilm 2024 on June 6–8, aiming at enhancing film and television industry quality, efficiency, cost optimization, and digital copyright protection.

Real-time on-screen content detection

One of the interesting and effective applications of AI demonstrated is the ability to detect and recognize real-time on-screen content.

Thu Do Multimedia uses AI to detect images, logos and other objects on the screen in real time; And then notifies the system to initiate appropriate responses in such a short time that viewers do not perceive the intervention, thereby improving the user experience and creating opportunities for brands to reach customers directly.

A typical application of this solution is for systems that can quickly identify trademarks that appear on the screen and suggest related products or services to viewers.

Detecting multiple objects on the screen will help businesses and advertisers maximize advertising space for each customer while providing viewers with useful information and product suggestions. In addition, logos and images with gambling content can also be easily detected and blurred to minimize unwanted negative impacts.

Thu Do Multimedia introduces the "Real-time On-screen Content Detection Solution" to obscure inappropriate logos during live football matches. Video courtesy of Thu Do Multimedia

Sigma StreamSaver

With the ever-increasing demand for digital content consumption, bandwidth optimization has become essential.

Sigma StreamSaver is Thu Do Multimedia's AI-powered solution for compressing and reconstructing images.

This solution saves bandwidth while significantly improving image quality, helping broadcasters reduce monthly costs by 10–15%.

Thanks to AI, Sigma StreamSaver can identify and restore blurred or unclear details in content, providing a better viewing experience for end users.

In addition to its application in the field of media and television content distribution, Sigma StreamSaver is also applied in various other fields to help reduce storage costs in post-production or storage systems for security cameras, contributing to reducing transmission costs for short video distribution platforms, livestreaming, online learning, e-commerce, and live sports.

Another breakthrough brought about by Sigma SmartSaver is the improvement of image quality by applying deep compression techniques to minimize image distortion while combining advanced technologies such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) to achieve the best quality of video.

Sigma Multi-DRM

According to Thu Do Multimedia, one of the biggest challenges facing content providers today is copyright protection.

With the rapid development of digital technology, copyright infringement has become more prevalent and sophisticated.

To address this issue, Thu Do Multimedia has developed Sigma Multi-DRM, an AI-powered digital content copyright management and protection solution.

Sigma Multi-DRM utilizes an active monitoring system to observe the entire process when a device exchanges a license key with a license server.

This solution has played a role in multi-dimensional content protection, as Google's Widevine and Microsoft's PlayReady copyright protection solutions have been cracked by hackers recently, making all devices in these two ecosystems unsafe when streaming content.

To address this issue, Sigma Multi-DRM has applied AI with the ability to detect and alert anomalies, such as relay messages, device spoofing, or exploiting security vulnerabilities.

This is done so quickly and accurately that it can detect hacker interference in just 1/1000th of a second.

Thanks to the application of AI, Sigma Multi-DRM can be said to be equipped with billions of "guards" operating continuously, day and night, to detect security vulnerabilities from Widevine and PlayReady—a problem that no other solution in the world has been able to completely solve.

Sigma Multi-DRM also easily detects cross-border copyright exploiters via VPN, helping to comprehensively protect digital content copyrights.

With Sigma Multi-DRM, broadcasters and online movie distributors can be confident in securely distributing their vast and valuable content assets.

An even greater benefit is that Sigma Multi-DRM itself will help strengthen security and anti-attack capabilities for television systems, especially in the face of increasingly unstable cybersecurity conditions.

Visitors captivated by AI-powered solutions for bandwidth savings and anti-piracy in television and media. Photo courtesy of Thu Do Multimedia

Visitors captivated by AI-powered solutions for bandwidth savings and anti-piracy in television and media. Photo courtesy of Thu Do Multimedia

Thu Do Multimedia has brought to Telefilm 2024 advanced solutions that integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to solve important problems in the film and television industry.

From content copyright protection and bandwidth savings to real-time on-screen content detection, these solutions not only help optimize costs but also enhance the user experience, opening up new opportunities for the entertainment industry.

"With these advances, we are affirming our company pioneering position in the application of AI technology in the field of digital entertainment, contributing to mastering the domestic market and promoting the development of this industry in the future," said Nguyen Ngoc Han, CEO of Thu Do Multimedia.

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