Saigonese spend $11.5 a month on convenient food and drinks

By Thien Ngan   December 25, 2018 | 10:34 pm PT
Saigonese spend $11.5 a month on convenient food and drinks
Young ladies take pictures of their bubble tea cups in Saigon. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
Each Saigon resident spends $11.5 on average per month on convenient foods and drinks, a consumer research firm says.

The product groups most often chosen by consumers are non-alcoholic drinks, nutritional beverages, confectionery and snacks like instant noodles, sausages and pies, according to a study on Saigon consumers’ out-of-home (OOH) spending.

The study was recently done by Kantar Worlpanel, an international company dealing in consumer knowledge and insights.

On average, Saigon residents make around 8 or 9 out of home trips for these products a month.

This study also shows that product selection and external spending patterns are clearly differentiated by gender. Women, especially students, often spend money on milk tea, while men and the seniors prefer coffee. Consumption of carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks and bottled water are highly skewed towards teenagers.

Coffee shops and tea shops are the most popular places, chosen by 45 percent for those going out for OOH drinks, most of whom are aged 30-39. The remaining channels are convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and traditional channels such as markets and pavement shops.

Previously, market research firm Decision Lab had published a report on spending trends of target groups born in 1995 and later (Generation Z). It is estimated that Vietnam has more than 14.4 million people in this age group, with above 56 percent of them having no income or earning less than VND3 million ($129.12) per month.

Despite the modest income and large dependence relying on their families, average monthly OOH spending by this generation is VND892,400 ($38.41), almost four times that of the average Saigon resident, the report said.

On average each month, the total amount spent by this age group on eating and drinking was nearly VND13 trillion ($559.56 million).

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