BCI Asia Awards for Vietnam spotlight top architecture, real estate firms

By Phat Dat   June 1, 2019 | 05:30 pm PT
Vietnam’s most active architecture firms and property developers were awarded Top 10 recognition under the BCI Asia awards.

The portfolios of the elite architecture firms cover $7.03 billion worth of properties scheduled to start construction in Vietnam this year, while the portfolios of the top developers are valued at $4.89 billion.

These firms were chosen based on the greatest aggregate value of projects under construction during the last full calendar year, weighted by the extent of their sustainability efforts.

For architecture firms, pre-tender projects were included to recognize early incorporation of green design efforts.

At the annual BCI Asia Awards ceremony on May 31, the Top 10 Developers Award 2019 for Vietnam were given to: Flamingo Group; FLC Group; Gamuda Land Vietnam; Hung Thinh Real Estate Business Investment Corporation (Hung Thinh Corporation); Phu Long Real Estate; Phu My Hung Development Corporation; Phuc Khang Corporation; Sun Group; TTC Land; and Vingroup (listing by alphabetical order)

From left to right: Mr Vo Chi Anh (BCI Asia),  Ms Nguyen Thi Hanh (Flamingo), Tran Thi My Lan Ms Nguyen Quynh Mai (FLC), Cheong Ho Kuan Mr Angus Liew Bing Fooi (Gamuda), Nguyen Dinh Trung Ms Pham Thi Trang (Hung Thinh),  Mr Phung Chu Cuong  (Phu Long), Bui Duy Toan (Phu My Hung), Tran Tam (Phuc Khang), Pham Quoc Quan (Sun Group), Bui Tien Thang (TTC Land), Hoang Bach Duong (Vingroup),  Mr George Georgiou (Cong Bang – Sekisui Foam), Robert Krups (BCI Asia),  Dr Matthias Krups (BCI Asia).), Ms Hoang Bach Duong (Vingroup), Mr Bui Tien Thang (TTC Land), Ms Nguyen Lam Nhi Thuy (Sun Group), Mr Truong Anh TU (Phuc Khang), Mr Bui Duy Toan (Phu My Hung), Mr Robert Krups (BCI Asia).

From left to right: Vo Chi Anh (BCI Asia), Nguyen Thi Hanh (Flamingo), Nguyen Quynh Mai (FLC), Angus Liew Bing Fooi (Gamuda), Pham Thi Trang (Hung Thinh), Phung Chu Cuong (Phu Long), George Georgiou (Cong Bang – Sekisui Foam), Matthias Krups (BCI Asia), Hoang Bach Duong (Vingroup), Bui Tien Thang (TTC Land), Nguyen Lam Nhi Thuy (Sun Group), Truong Anh Tu (Phuc Khang), Bui Duy Toan (Phu My Hung), Robert Krups (BCI Asia)

The BCI Asia Top 10 Architects Award were won by: Alinco Ltd; Archetype Vietnam Ltd; Archivina Construction Technology Consultant & Investment JSC; Baumschlager Eberle Architekten; DAC - Vietnam Architectural Design; DP Consulting Co Ltd; GK Archi Co Ltd; Mai-Archi Consultant Design Construction Co Ltd.; NQH Architects Co Ltd; and PTW Vietnam Limited Company (listing by alphabetical order).

From left to right: Mr Vo Chi Anh (BCI Asia),  Mr Vu The Anh (Alinco), Marine Ros (Archetype),  Mr Bui Ngoc Lam (Archivina),  Ms Marine Ros (Archetype), Mr Cung Thanh ĐatDat (BE),  Mr Truong Huy ĐaiDai (DAC), Tran Song Son (DP Consulting), Le Nguyen Huong Giang (GK Archi), Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai (Mai-Archi), Ngo Quan Hien (NQH), Henrik Folkar (PTW),  Mr George Georgiou (Cong Bang – Sekisui Foam), Robert Krups (BCI Asia), Mr Henrik Folkar (PTW), Dr Matthias Krups (BCI Asia ), Mr Ngo Quan Hien (NQH), Ms Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai (Mai-Archi ), Mr Nguyen Trung Kien (GK Archi), Mr Tran Song Son (DP), Mr Robert Krups (BCI Asia).

From left to right: Vo Chi Anh (BCI Asia), Vu The Anh (Alinco), Bui Ngoc Lam (Archivina), Marine Ros (Archetype), Cung Thanh Dat (BE), Truong Huy Dai (DAC), George Georgiou (Cong Bang – Sekisui Foam), Henrik Folkar (PTW), Matthias Krups (BCI Asia ), Ngo Quan Hien (NQH), Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai (Mai-Archi ), Nguyen Trung Kien (GK Archi), Tran Song Son (DP), Robert Krups (BCI Asia).

For more information or to see the winners of the Top Ten Awards, visit www.bciasiaawards.com

Other prizes presented Friday evening at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers included the FuturArc Prize, FuturArc Green Leadership Award and Interior Design Awards.

This cycle, for Asia’s leading Green design competition FuturArc Prize (FAP), international professionals and students submitted their forward-thinking ideas in imagining a hyper-dense city.

The Vietnam awardees who won special mention in the professional category were: Arnaud Jouanchicot, Thomas Combes, Paul Chevalier and Bois Francois with the project called Law of the rings.

FuturArc Green Leadership Award (FGLA) recognizes the teams behind projects that have demonstrated the best in architectural innovation and environmental stewardship in the region. 

The Vietnam FGLA 2019 were given to two winning projects – Castaway Island by Vo Trong Nghia Architects in the commercial category and S Space from H&P Architects in the institutional category. 

Four meritorious projects identified were: Brick Cave by H&P Architects; VH House by Oddo Architects; Stepping Park House by Vo Trong Nghia Architects in the residential – individual houses category; and Ischool Quang Tri by BHA Architecture in the institutional category.

BCI Asia Interior Design Awards (IDA) are given to excellent interior architectural designs in seven countries. The Vietnam IDA 2019 recognitions went to: "Liberty Hotel Quy Nhon" a winning project by KAZE Vietnam; and Eastin Hotel Residences Hanoi, a meritorious project by Baumschlager Eberle Architekten in lodging category.

BCI Asia Awards for Vietnam spotlight top architecture, real estate firms - 2

The event was sponsored by Cong Bang-Sekisui Foam; Event Partners including Hafele, Hangrohe, Technal and Schueco; FuturArc Prize Platinum Sponsor - Schueco; Interior Design Awards Platinum Sponsor – An Cuong Wood Working JSC; FuturArc Green Leadership Award Gold Sponsor - Phuc Khang; Exhibitors including Ambassador, KONE Vietnam, Niro Ceramic, Retro-Max Vietnam, Playpoint, Viega South East Asia and Viglacera; and Reception Sponsor - Lumicon.

Celebrating 15 years of building and design leadership, BCI Asia Awards remains among the most coveted ones in the regional building industry while serving as a platform for domestic and international networking among elite architecture firms, property developers, manufacturers and service providers. 

BCI construction media group reports on future construction projects in the Asia Pacific region. It bridges the information gap between design consultants seeking to specify products for their projects and suppliers seeking to inform them about building products and new construction technologies. 

BCI Asia conducts more than 250,000 face-to-face and phone interviews with architects, developers, engineers and contractors every year, reporting on approximately $400 billion worth of projects. Besides promoting efficiency and transparency through its research services, BCI also publishes FuturArc journal, Construction+ and other architectural books.

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