Duy Tan JSC wraps up 2023 with many highlights

By Thy An   January 4, 2024 | 07:00 pm PT
In 2023 Duy Tan JSC strove to realize its goal of becoming the leading plastic manufacturer in ASEAN while promoting sustainable development.

New products, new experiences

Driven by a dedication to constant innovation, Duy Tan aims to enhance service quality and provide consumers with sustainable and diverse experiences.

In 2023, the company will have successfully unveiled a range of household plastic products, industrial plastics, and a substantial volume of high-quality rigid packaging to the market.

Duy Tans new products are present in every family. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

Duy Tan's new products are present in every family. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

Duy Tan has consistently held a leading position in the household plastics sector for many years. The company has introduced new lines of chairs catering to various age groups, from children to the elderly. Housewives now have an expanded selection for their kitchens, including jars, baskets, clear plates, and cutting boards.

Additionally, young individuals can enjoy a variety of stylish and modern water bottles and lunchboxes. Duy Tan has strengthened its brand reputation with a range of new models in the cabinet product line.

The year 2023 marks the opening of high-end product lines, aligning with the evolving trends at Duy Tan.

The Matsu Lock brand, encompassing food containers, multi-purpose storage boxes, and prefab cabinets, has garnered immense popularity among young consumers. This is attributed to its employment of high-quality materials, versatile design, convenient clips, and youthful colors.

The brand brings intelligent solutions for preserving and storing utensils and food, enhancing spaces with a sophisticated and luxurious touch, is perfectly suited for the modern lifestyle.

Within the industrial plastic segment, Duy Tan has introduced steel-core pallets characterized by high strength and durability. These pallets offer optimal solutions for businesses, industries, and logistics.

Global reach

Duy Tan's products received significant acclaim in the previous year. Its packaging products and caps and closures continued to be preferred by both global and domestic partners, including esteemed names such as Unilever, Nestlé, Castrol, Sanofi, Earth, Masan, Nutifood.

Participating in international exhibitions such as Cosme Tech Osaka and Vietnam Expo, Duy Tan's outstanding advantages in the market were acknowledged by numerous customers. These advantages include a reputable 36-year brand, large-scale manufacturing facilities, and durable, high-quality, and diverse products.

Duy Tans rigid packaging products are interesting to international customers. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

Duy Tan's rigid packaging products interest international customers. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

With such stable quality, it is essential to highlight that the company invests significantly in technology and many new machines.

In addition to equipment systems from Germany, Japan, and Italy, Duy Tan is also equipped with new robots, automation machines, and packaging conveyors to help increase productivity and improve product quality.

Moreover, Duy Tan maintains the ISCC PLUS standard, a certification for exceptional carbon management and sustainability across the entire supply chain.

Duy Tan is honored at an international award in 2023. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

Duy Tan is honored at an international award in 2023. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

Duy Tan has left an indelible mark on its journey to extend its influence on the global stage. This rare enterprise of the Vietnamese plastic industry won two prestigious international awards simultaneously: Asia's Best Performing Enterprise and Inspirational Brand.

Duy Tan is also valued at US$31 million by Forbes as one of the top personal consumer goods and leading industrial brands.

Sustainable development

The year 2023 is also a premise for implementing the group's ESG-oriented sustainable development activities since Duy Tan joined SCGP.

In November 2023, the enterprise officially operated the solar project at the Binh Duong factory. This is the second factory of Duy Tan to implement the project, with a total roof area of 16,000 m2 and a capacity of 2 MWp. It is expected to contribute to reducing 2,000 tons of annual CO2 emissions into the environment.

Solar project at Duy Tan factory. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

Solar panels on the roof of Duy Tan factory. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

The message of environmental protection was also realized by Duy Tan through the campaign Exchange Garbage for Gifts via Mobile Phone (Green Day) marking the commencement of a series of programs: Sorting Waste at Source, Collecting Recyclables, and Fostering a Circular Economy.

Over the course of six months and across 63 events, the program has engaged more than 8,000 participants and collected more than 17 tons of waste.

The Exchange Old for New program, spearheaded by Duy Tan, aims to contribute to waste reduction and prolong the lifespan of plastic items through responsible reuse and recycling.

Shared journey

In 2023, Duy Tan shares with the community many meaningful activities, including education, social security, and taking care of workers' lives.

This includes timely support and encouragement for women and patients facing difficulties, the donation of nearly 100 scholarships to nurture the dreams of underprivileged students, fostering academic excellence, and uplifting the spirits of less fortunate children.

Duy Tan’s employees give many gifts to specialized children. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

Duy Tan’s employees give many gifts to specialized children. Photo courtesy of Duy Tan JSC

In terms of corporate culture, Duy Tan is people-centric and focused on building a happy working environment.

Despite the challenging economic conditions, Duy Tan still maintains many good policies for more than 4,200 workers and provides learning opportunities to help each individual develop themselves.

In 2023, Duy Tan organized nearly 630 training courses, including a variety of professional and capacity-building courses for employees.

Duy Tan also developed the Potential Human Resources program and organized five series of specialized seminars and skills sharing workshops at universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City to supplement practical knowledge and contribute to defining career guidance for students after graduation.

In the near future, the company is set to diversify and elevate its product lines to a higher standard to attract customers.

Simultaneously, it shall share human values through numerous meaningful campaigns and implement sustainable development towards ESG goals (Environmental, Social, and Governance) as part of its journey to become an Asian-level business.

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