Vietnamese prefer Facebook shopping for fashion products

By Dat Nguyen   September 5, 2019 | 06:52 pm PT
Vietnamese prefer Facebook shopping for fashion products
Social network apps are seen on a smartphone. Photo by Shutterstock/Twin Design.
55 percent of Vietnamese online shoppers choose social networks over e-commerce platforms to buy fashion products, a new survey has found.

Survey results released Thursday by HCMC-based market research firm Q&Me says just 41 percent of respondents chose e-commerce platforms when shopping for fashion products, because they found social networks carrying more relevant information.

Fashion products require consultation with sellers, therefore shoppers prefer using social networks to ask for more information, while waiting for an email response from an e-commerce platform is a hassle, the report said.

88 percent of respondents say they get the information they need by chatting with social network shops, with most common inquiries are product prices, details and images.

The survey polled 582 people aged 16-45 online – mostly in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City – in July 2019.

The main advantages of social network shopping are convenience (37 percent) and interaction with friends (31 percent), the survey found.

As Facebook is the app people use most often, users don’t need to install another app for shopping that they would need to log into with a password, the report said.

Stores on social networks tend to specialize in a certain category, therefore there is a higher chance that customers will find a product they need, it added.

The report also found that the top reasons respondents find out a new store is through social network ads and friends’ recommendations.

The triggers for a buyer to return to a social network store is good quality products, according to 59 percent of respondents, followed by product variety and their interactions with store owners.

However, e-commerce platforms are still the most popular online shopping channel among Vietnamese consumers (91 percent) compared to 43 percent who shop on social networks.

The reason for this is that e-commerce platforms offer more promotions, according to 55 percent of respondents, and offer cheaper prices (48 percent), compared to social networks.

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