Saigon: Best place in Southeast Asia for cheap love

By Ha Phuong   May 11, 2017 | 04:23 pm GMT+7
No need to go 'Dutch' in a city of satisfied lovers.

For a night out with a potential life-long love in Ho Chi Minh City, love birds have to shell out around $35, while in Singapore a date may cost them at least $80.

A cheap date night combo consists of: dinner for two at a local pub, movie tickets and two cocktails.

The findings were based on a cost of living index updated recently by, a database that compiles the global cost of living.

Date nights may be even cheaper in Hanoi where living costs are 2.62 percent lower than in Ho Chi Minh City.

Instead of cocktails, Ho Chi Minh City is also the cheapest place for beer with half a liter costing just $1.5.

However, if couples fancy a date at an Italian restaurant with appetizers, a main course, wine and dessert, then watch out, Ho Chi Minh City may not be a good choice, take a look at Manila instead.

It seems that residents should choose their dates carefully, and marry young. It's cheaper that way.

Recently, Vietnam was named an ideal place to be in a relationship, with a new regional survey naming Vietnamese among the most satisfied lovers.

If you're looking for smooth sailing in a relationship, hook up in Vietnam. 

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