More than any other country, Vietnam means business

By Dat Nguyen   September 10, 2018 | 09:29 am GMT+7

A new survey finds Vietnam has the highest number of people interested in starting their own business.

Ninety-two percent of Vietnamese citizens surveyed consider starting a business as a desirable career opportunity, according to the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER) 2018 published recently.

This figure is higher than that of China (86 percent), Thailand (66), the U.S. (57) and Korea (44), said the report.

Among the Vietnamese people surveyed, 83 percent are certain that their desire to open a business will not be discouraged by family or friends.

A high 77 percent said that they possess the necessary skills and resources to start a business.

These three factors give Vietnam an entrepreneurial spirit index of 84, highest in the world, up three points from 2016, while the Asian and global averages went down two and three points, respectively.

The two top areas that Vietnamese people need support with are identifying customers or marketing products and raising money, the report said.

When asked to self-assess their ability to start a business, 89 percent of Vietnamese respondents said they can develop their own business ideas, higher than the global average of 52 percent.

Most importantly, 88 percent of the Vietnamese respondents were willing to take the risk of failing, while the global average was 47 percent.

AGER 2018 interviewed 49,000 people in 44 countries.

The survey was conducted by U.S.-based multi-level marketing company Amway, in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich and market research firm GFK.

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