Indian tech CEO dies in on-stage accident during company event

By Linh Le   January 22, 2024 | 02:01 am PT
Indian tech CEO dies in on-stage accident during company event
CEO of software developer Vistex Sanjay Shah. Photo from Vistex's website
Indian tech CEO Sanjay Shah of software developer Vistex lost his life in an on-stage mishap during the company’s celebration night.

According to the New York Post, Shah was making his entrance to the party in an iron cage that was being lowered onto the stage when a wire unexpectedly snapped. This caused the cage, also containing Vistex’s president Raju Datla, to wobble and eventually fall, hurling both men to the ground.

The fall, from the height of a one-story building, resulted in Shah landing head-first and Datla suffering critical injuries.

Authorities are investigating the incident, focusing on the snapped wire and the faulty cage, which was constructed with iron wires and grills and operated by a rolling machine.

This incident occurred during a two-day celebration of Vistex Asia’s 25th anniversary at Ramoji Film City in India, as reported by the Hindustan Times.

Vistex, founded in 1999 by Shah, has over 20 offices worldwide and serves prestigious clients like General Motors, Yamaha, and Coca-Cola. Its annual revenue is approximately $300 million, according to Business Today.

Aside from his business achievement, Shah, a Mumbai native and alumna of the Lehigh University, the U.S., was also known for his philanthropic efforts. He donated US$5 million to establish the Vistex Institute for Executive Education at Lehigh University in 2017.

He also founded the Vistex Foundation, supporting nonprofits in health, education, and basic needs, and inaugurated the nationally recognized Vistex Hospital in Bihar, India, as a model Covid-19 facility in 2020.

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