Chicilon Media accounts for 92% of building elevator media market share

By Thy An   March 14, 2024 | 07:15 pm PT
The elevator advertising market in Vietnam is developing rapidly, and Chicilon Media has been leading the industry with its resource expansion policies, taking up a record high of 92% of the market share.

According to the company’s latest report, Chicilon Media has increased the number of advertising screens to over 36,000 devices, solidifying its leading position in the industry.

Chicilon Medias advertising screens in a building. Photo courtesy of Chicilon

Chicilon Media's advertising screens in a building. Photo courtesy of Chicilon

The elevator advertising media channel that Chicilon Media operates has won many awards at international advertising festivals such as "The most effective media channel" and "The most valuable media channel for investment."

Guo Zhifeng, Chairman of Chicilon Media, said that despite the challenges posed by the global recession, the company still firmly stepped forward, increasing the number of advertising screens to 36,000 and continuously maintaining the pace of development.

The company's expansion strategy not only helps increase market share but is also effective in creating a distance from new competitors, ensuring both the income sources for buildings and the benefits for advertising businesses, and making outstanding contributions to the healthy and stable development of the elevator advertising industry in Vietnam.

According to the information from Chicilon Media, its building elevator advertising resources have a wide media coverage with advanced technological equipment, meeting the market demands in this modern era.

With the speed of channel expansion accompanied by professional consulting services, this media channel is gradually becoming a top choice for businesses, favored by the majority of advertisers for brand promotion and product introduction in the Vietnamese market.

Chicilon Medias building elevator communication channel has wide coverage and advanced technological equipment

Chicilon Media's building elevator media channel has wide coverage and advanced technological equipment. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

After 18 years of development in the market, Chicilon Media has continuously affirmed its leading position in the building elevator media market in particular as well as the advertising and communication industry as a whole.

Chicilon Media's successful progress not only reflects the company's strength and strategic vision but also injects vitality and confidence in the future of the elevator advertising market in Vietnam.

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