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Ban or promote online liquor sales? Vietnam lawmakers at odds

Lawmakers Friday hotly debated a draft law prohibiting online liquor sales, with some arguing it could prove counterproductive.

Demonstrator loses hand at Paris 'yellow vest' march

A "yellow vest" demonstrator lost his hand during clashes with police outside the main parliament building in ...

Security ministry: Prisoners should be allowed to work outside jail

Selected prisoners should be allowed to work outside prisons, Ministry of Public Security officials said at a meeting Thursday.
January 11, 2019 | 01:34 pm GMT+7

Vietnam to ratify Asia-Pacific trade pact

Vietnamese President Nguyen Phu Trong Friday presented the CPTPP trade pact to the National Assembly for ratification.
November 02, 2018 | 02:54 pm GMT+7

Vietnam sets up facility to monitor all social network messages: minister

The government is stepping up efforts to combat fake news on social networks, information minister Nguyen Manh Hung has told the National Assembly.
November 01, 2018 | 10:53 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s increasing foreign debts a cause for worry

Vietnam’s rising foreign debt in recent years is affecting its credibility and making borrowing harder, officials and economists warn.
October 31, 2018 | 01:00 pm GMT+7

Don’t waste public money, get selective: parliament members

Vietnam should prioritize and reserve public investment for the most important projects and strictly evaluate money spent, parliament members say.
October 29, 2018 | 05:27 pm GMT+7

Vietnam to navigate rough trade war waters

Parliament members say the ongoing US-China trade war has had visible impacts, and Vietnam needs to reduce dependence on both nations.
October 28, 2018 | 10:51 am GMT+7

Land info, leaders’ bio not state secrets, Vietnam MPs aver

Many parliamentarians say national leaders’ bio-data and information on land should not be classified as state secrets.
October 28, 2018 | 08:16 am GMT+7

$50 billion surplus: Vietnamese agriculture reaps hi-tech dividends

Vietnam's agriculture sector has been reaping significant hi-tech returns of late, Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong has informed the parliament. 
October 27, 2018 | 12:54 pm GMT+7

Parliament members suggest provincial mergers to cut civil servant numbers

National Assembly deputies Friday proposed more mergers of provinces and cities to reduce the number of civil servants.
October 26, 2018 | 04:54 pm GMT+7

Education minister fares worst in house confidence vote

Education Minister Phung Xuan Nha finished last among 48 officials who faced a vote of confidence in the National Assembly Thursday.
October 25, 2018 | 07:56 pm GMT+7

Two arrested for sending blackmail threats to officials

Vietnamese police have arrested two men suspected of sending death and blackmail threats to several advisors to National Assembly members.
October 19, 2018 | 02:14 pm GMT+7

Parliament set to select Vietnam’s new president early next week

Vietnam's National Assembly is scheduled to elect the country's new head of state at its upcoming session.
October 16, 2018 | 11:27 pm GMT+7

Vietnam to discuss ratification of major free trade pact

Vietnam is set to discuss ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership this month.
October 15, 2018 | 05:34 pm GMT+7
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